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Send your press and news releases with Amaxwire

Send your press and news releases with Amaxwire

Amaxwire is a global press release publishing service. With our modern press release distribution platform you can easily send your press release to national and international media, journalists and influencers for just one fixed low price.

A press release is one of the most widely used means for organizations to approach the media. With a press release you seek publicity for a project, message or product. Sending out a press release may seem old-fashioned. But nothing is less true. With a press release you send a message indeed to journalists, but also for example to bloggers, vloggers etc. They come through your press release to know about your new products, services or website.

Moreover, in messages you send via Amaxwire you can easily add a link to your website. And because press releases via Amaxwire are automatically placed on our own news network, you can immediately generate several links to your website.

Sign up for free with Amaxwire now and get an instant newsroom for your business, website or app. In your newsroom you can create an extensive company profile, upload photos and create, publish and send press releases.

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Can I submit a cryptocurrency or blockchain related press release?

Amaxwire strongly believes in decentralized tech solutions. If your company or startup has developed a blockchain related project, and you would like to issue a press release about it, you are welcome to join Amaxwire. However, your release must meet Amaxwire's editorial guidelines (Amaxwire FAQ).