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{New employee} joined {Company}{New employee} joined {Company}

A brief introductory description of your news

{New employee} joined {Company}{New employee} joined {Company} img#1

{New employee} joined {Company}{New employee} joined {Company}

Introducing [New Hire's Name], the latest addition to our team as [Briefly introduce the new hire’s role in one or two sentences].

Cover the 5 W’s in the first paragraph: In line with the 5 W's, [New Hire's Name] hails from [Place of Origin] and will officially start on [Date of Start] at [Company Name], alongside our esteemed sponsors and partners. With [Number of Years of Experience] years of experience in [Previous Job Position], we're thrilled to have [New Hire's Name] join us in this newly created function. [New Hire's Name] brings a wealth of expertise and accomplishments to the table, including [Certifications or Awards], which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the company's goals.

Give some additional information in the next paragraph:

  • What was his/her previous job position?
  • How many years of experience does he/she have?
  • Who did he/she replace in this position (or is it a newly created function)?
  • Are there any certifications, awards, or accomplishments worth mentioning?
  • What’s the impact of the role—how will he/she support & further the company’s goals?

{Quote from the new employee or the CEO about the new hire}.

Person being quoted: name, surname, position

Finish with some extra personal background information:

  • What this person specializes in,
  • What his/her interests are.