Guangzhou, CN, 04 Jul. 2023, 06:00 CEST
China's New Energy Sector Breaks 20 Million Vehicles, as the Hyper GT Takes on the Model 3

AION, a leading new energy vehicle manufacturer, hosted the Offline Ceremony of the 20 Millionth New Energy Automobile in China.

The Offline Ceremony of the 20 Millionth New Energy Automobile in China. img#1
The Offline Ceremony of the 20 Millionth New Energy Automobile in China.

China's New Energy Sector Breaks 20 Million Vehicles, as the Hyper GT Takes on the Model 3

On June 3, AION, a leading new energy vehicle manufacturer, hosted the Offline Ceremony of the 20 Millionth New Energy Automobile in China.

The event gathered leaders from national ministries including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, provincial and municipal departments, industry organizations, and leading new energy automotive enterprises. Along with other new energy automobile manufacturers, AION was a witness to multiple new achievements of the industry's scale-up development.

As China celebrates this industry milestone, AION is also celebrating the official release of one of it's most advanced models.

The record-setting model in question is the Hyper GT, a high-end electric sedan under Hyper, AION's new premium marque, produced in the company's intelligent manufacturing base in Guangzhou, China. The achievement of China achieving the milestone of 20 million new energy vehicle has left the European and American industry astounded by the remarkable pace of development and incredible technological advancements in the Chinese new energy automotive industry.

Hyper GT: Globally Competitive Technology, Cutting-Edge Design

First unveiled at the Guanghzhou Auto Show last year as the Hyper marque's debut model, the Hyper GT executive sedan has now officially launched a total of 5 versions, including 560km, 600km, and 710km cruising range models.

Combining top-class design features with the latest battery and EV platform tech available, the car comes in at a price range of RMB 219, 900 to RMB 339, 900, and is now officially ready for mass production.

The Hyper GT boasts a powerful combination of features that makes it a strong contender in the premium market for new energy sedans.

An extensive and independent sales network for the new Hyper marque, which will expand into at least 350 dealerships by the end of the year, has already been set up to help establish the brand among tech-savvy, high-end buyers.

Featuring scissor-action front doors that swing open upwards to provide a supercar-like access to its seats, the 5-seater Hyper GT delivers the ultimate sporty experience in an electric sedan. For the rest of the body, the company's international design team focused on building flowing body lines and features that enhanced its aerodynamic performance – such the self-raising "Wind Blade Grille" which adds downforce at high speeds – cutting Hyper GT's air drag coefficient to 0.197, the lowest among current production EVs.

The clean, modernist design continues in the interiors. Inside, a minimal layout is made possible by a floating 14.6-inch touchscreen dashboard in the center console and an ultra-thin LCD instrument panel. Top quality Nappa leather envelope the seats to ensure a super soft and comfortable experience for driver and passengers alike. What's more, the Hyper GT's Dolby Atmos sound system can guarantee a concert hall-like sound experience with a configuration of 23 premium HiFi speakers and exceptional NVH performance.

The high-end electric sedan Hyper GT represents the epitome of Chinese beauty, perfectly capturing the essence of its design and technology. It stands at the forefront globally, making it incredibly captivating and impossible to resist its charm.

Next-Gen Technology and the Rise of Chinese High-end EV Market

The Hyper GT is built on AION's exclusive AEP 3.0 new generation pure electric platform, which has been upgraded to support 480kW quick charging and battery-swapping technology. Just 15 minutes of charging can replenish its battery level to a 350km range. As an alternative solution, users can also exchange depleted battery packs in as fast as 2 minutes.

An expansion plan for both Hyper's regular charging station and vehicle-to-grid network has since been announced to accommodate the anticipated growth in electricity demand from Hyper GT's improved battery performances.

On top of innovative battery tech, the Hyper GT also boasts high-performance rear-wheel drive control. In its single-motor layout, the sedan can generate an output of 250 kW and 434 Nm of torque, with a zero to 100km/hr acceleration time of just 4 seconds. A dual-motor model will also be available in the near future.

With the Hyper GT featuring these world-leading EV and ICV technologies, its arrival represents the rise of Chinese high-end EV brands and a significant new benchmark for the Chinese new energy automobile industries.

20 Million Vehicles: Signposting a New Era of Chinese EVs

Reaching the landmark 20 million figure has been a significant moment in China's new energy history, which saw the first car of this kind being produced in 1995. This is significant not only because it is symbolic of the meteoric rise of China's high-end new energy car companies, but also as a concrete result of the overall growth of China's automobile industry.

In contrast to striving to catch up in the field of gas vehicles in the past, China has now taken the lead in the field of new energy vehicles. The country's new energy vehicle market has seen considerable growth, exporting 348,000 units in the first four months of 2023 to reach a 170% year-on-year increase.

As one of the most popular EV brands in the world, AION, a GAC brand that solely focuses on EVs, totaled 209,336 units in sales volume as of June this year, with figures jumping 108.8% year-on-year. Furthermore, in China, AION's new energy sales volume has exceeded that of all traditional automotive joint ventures combined.

The company has recently been leveraging its full-stack research capabilities for both EV and ICVs to self-develop core technologies such as battery, and electric drive. Huge strides have been made successfully in China for years, and now, the brand has officially begun to expand into Thailand and Southeast Asia, with goals of full internationalization beyond.

The arrival of Hyper GT as the 20 millionth new energy vehicle in China reflects AION's dominant capabilities in developing top quality and innovation-driven electric cars. Its launch is part of the carmaker's long-term business blueprint to step up and take on the premium market segment for BEVs on the international stage.

The Hyper GT, with its independent, class-leading technologies and supercar-esque designs, represents China's position on the global stage and its leadership in shaping the new era of the global new energy automotive industry. With its cutting-edge innovations and commitment to pushing boundaries, the Hyper GT showcases China's capabilities and competes with international manufacturers.