Luxion Inc.
Aarhus, DK, 29 Aug. 2023, 09:14 CEST
Luxion Boosts Digital Capabilities with Acquisition of Digizuite

Luxion Group has acquired Digizuite to revolutionize the digital supply chain by offering innovative products for asset management, collaboration, and content delivery.

Luxion enhances its digital capabilities through the acquisition of Digizuite, expanding its expertise and offerings. img#1
Luxion enhances its digital capabilities through the acquisition of Digizuite, expanding its expertise and offerings.

Luxion Boosts Digital Capabilities with Acquisition of Digizuite

Luxion Group ApS (Luxion), the visionary force behind KeyShot, the paramount 3D visualization software in the industry, proudly unveils its latest milestone—the acquisition of Digizuite A/S (Digizuite), an eminent provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. This strategic maneuver heralds a transformative stride in redefining the digital supply chain vista, ushering in a repertoire of innovative products designed to empower businesses in optimizing asset management, fostering collaboration, and facilitating content dissemination across diverse channels.

As Digizuite is welcomed into the Luxion fold, an even more profound value proposition emerges for both current and future clientele. This symbiotic fusion paves the way for the infusion of cutting-edge DAM prowess into Luxion's existing arsenal. As 3D visualization tools steadily traverse new horizons and establish themselves as cornerstone tools across multifarious industries, Luxion recognizes the intrinsic synergy between these tools and effective asset governance, a combination that heightens business efficiency, bolsters productivity, and catalyzes output excellence.

Claus Thorsgaard, the visionary CEO of Luxion, articulates the significance of this strategic advancement, noting, "The realm of 3D visualization has transcended its original artistic and product design boundaries. Today, these tools are indispensable for driving pivotal business operations globally. By integrating Digizuite into Luxion's comprehensive suite of products and services, we are equipping our customers with an additional instrumental facet: digital asset management."

For over twenty years, Digizuite has etched its mark by aiding global clients in cost reduction, amplifying customer lifetime value, and sculpting impactful digital narratives. Boasting a headquarters in Denmark, a subsidiary in the United States, and outreach offices in the UK, Belgium, and Ukraine, Digizuite injects a rich tapestry of expertise and experience into Luxion's ever-expanding portfolio.

In the forthcoming months, the seamless integration of Luxion and Digizuite operations promises a synthesis of enriched products and services, meticulously crafted to surmount the towering content management challenges faced by the clients they treasure.

Elaborating on this venture, Claus Thorsgaard expounds, "The union of Luxion and Digizuite reflects the convergence of two prominent trends. Firstly, an escalating demand for efficient digital asset management that transcends departments, spanning the gamut from CAD files to AR/VR content. Secondly, the ascendancy of 3D visualization as an indelible companion throughout the product development odyssey, from conceptualization to the ultimate photorealistic presentation on e-commerce platforms. The amalgamation of Digizuite and Luxion represents a strategic synergy tailored to the prerequisites of today's victorious and pioneering enterprises."

Thorsgaard expounds further, "In an era pervaded by digital tapestries, the imperative pursuit is to knit a seamless digital supply chain. This tapestry embodies facets like intelligent automation, cross-functional camaraderie, and precision targeting in the omnichannel content dissemination realm. These facets are invigorated by the versatile potency of multipurpose 3D assets. This, undeniably, is the trajectory to fostering competitiveness in the digital arena."