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New Product Reimagines Online Learning: Thinkific Communities Is Here - Creators Unlock New Ways to Engage and Monetize Audiences

Vancouver, CA, 27 Sep. 2022, 12:32 CEST
New Product Reimagines Online Learning: Thinkific Communities Is Here - Creators Unlock New Ways to Engage and Monetize Audiences img#1

Thinkific Labs Inc. ("Thinkific" or the "Company") (TSX: THNC)—the platform shaking up the knowledge economy by empowering creators to create, market and sell online learning products—announced today the launch of Thinkific Communities, an all-new learning product to supercharge how creators engage with, monetize and retain their audience.

Thinkific Communities transform a traditional one-way learning experience into a collaborative exchange. This new Thinkific product enables creators to own their community and foster relationships with their brand at the forefront. With learning communities, creators can drive engagement and generate sustainable income with diverse selling strategies including paid community memberships, bundles with courses, and upsells to exclusive, relevant content.

"We know that creators with active communities generate more income and offer more ways to learn than those without. Launching Thinkific Communities is a natural way to help our customers succeed. This is an experience that students will stay for and pay for, and it complements our existing suite of learning products," said Aron Tremble, VP of Product at Thinkific. "Communities are a powerful operating approach for the knowledge economy. We're thrilled to give our customers ways to build more successful and sustainable businesses," said Tremble.

Did you know?

  • $128.47 is the average amount spent per month by people who pay for online community memberships.*
  • 86% of students say they get more value out of online courses with learning communities attached.**
  • 45% said that in a course/class setting, they've learned as much from their community of peers as they have from the instructor teaching them.*

"For knowledge economy creators like me, the strength of our businesses is inextricably linked to the communal learning spaces we build for our students. For me, Thinkific Communities means a more rounded and supportive space for each of my students. The collaborative environment allows students of all different learning styles to engage with and help each other, and is also a key revenue driver for my business." said Latasha James, Thinkific creator and Founder of Online Business Launch Lab.

Thinkific Communities addresses a new and untapped potential for online learning businesses. Unlike with other online communities, creators now have full ownership and control within a secure and familiar learning environment where their audience can connect and engage, all under their own brand. Furthermore, creators can directly monetize their audiences by selling or bundling community memberships. For Thinkific, this is another step to expand beyond online courses and thus its total addressable market.