Southlake, US, 04 Oct. 2022, 21:26 CEST
Immunotek Bio Centers celebrates successful decade of service

National Biotechnology Company Poised for Continued Expansion

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Immunotek Bio Centers celebrates successful decade of service

Leaders of the world's largest and fastest-growing independent blood plasma collection operator gathered in Southlake, TX to celebrate a company milestone and to receive continued leadership development. ImmunoTek Bio Centers launched ten years ago, intending to build and operate blood plasma donation centers across the country to help meet the tremendous need for plasma.

Since it formed in 2013, ImmunoTek has accepted more than six million paid donations at its centers, playing a vital role in the supply chain for plasma worldwide. Medical companies use blood plasma donated at ImmunoTek centers to create plasma-based therapies to treat patients struggling with various conditions. Among the uses for these therapies are those with autoimmune diseases, organ transplant and heart surgery patients, those with bleeding disorders, or suffering severe burns or shock. Studies also show promise in using plasma to treat Alzheimer's and dementia patients. It can take plasma donations from 130 to 1,200 healthy donors to treat just one patient for a year.

Plasma is donated utilizing a safe, self-contained process called plasmapheresis, which removes the golden-colored part of blood and then returns the rest to the donor. Unlike blood donation, donors can give plasma twice weekly.

ImmunoTek continues focusing on regional and national growth, adding 35 new centers since 2020. The company's latest center – its 70th – recently opened in Wilmington, Delaware. "We remain focused on the growth of the company and service to our donors, partner companies, and recognizing we provide life-saving plasma to the people who need it most," said Jerome Parnell III, ImmunoTek Bio Centers Chief Executive Officer. "Entering our 10th year of operation, we continue to look for viable growth areas within the United States as we consider international expansion."

ImmunoTek Bio Centers, through its two subsidiaries – ImmunoTek Plasma and Freedom Plasma – operates 38 centers in 19 states. The company growth rate means more communities experience a considerable economic boost from the donation centers.

"From the moment of site selection of our centers, the community benefits from construction jobs to healthcare-related positions within the facility. We anticipate having a $5 million economic impact yearly in each city where we operate," said Blair McKinney, ImmunoTek's Chief Operating Officer. "The United States is one of the few countries that allowed financial compensation for donors, adding investment to the local areas as well."

With the company poised for additional growth, Parnell said they have more than 30 centers already under construction across the country with additional sites in the planning stages. For more information about ImmunoTek and to find a nearby donation center, visit