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SHAREit expands market share in Nordic countries - offering advertisers a new global audience

Singapore, SG, 12 Oct. 2022, 11:48 CEST
SHAREit expands market share in Nordic countries - offering advertisers a new global audience img#1

The Global tech company SHAREit Group has rapidly grown into a globally significant platform for both users and advertisers. Known especially in the gaming community as a go-to platform, SHAREit's business network spans over 150 countries in 45 languages. SHAREit is now expanding its operations from Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America to the UK and the EU.

At the heart of SHAREit Group's suite of applications is the SHAREit app, which enables users to share a variety of large multimedia files quickly and in high quality without using mobile data or an internet connection. SHAREit Group's mission is to make digital content accessible to all, especially for people in emerging markets.

Over 50% of people aged 6-64 in the EU play video games and 47% are women. Western Europe is home to almost 209 million mobile gamers, and with developers like King, Rovio, Ubisoft, Gameloft, Supercell and many more companies leading the charge in the EU, the market will only grow strength to strength. SHAREit is excited to be entering a market with exponential growth.

SHAREit's growth is built on the principle of sharing, which is made possible by high-quality user experience and word of mouth marketing. In Asia, Middle East and Africa, the power of peer-to-peer recommendation is particularly strong. It has created a social ecosystem, with people discovering new apps through friends and family. SHAREit offers marketers a rare platform that reaches a wide international audience. SHAREit now connects advertisers and users across a wide range of growing industries. The most prominent are: e-commerce, gaming, fintech, foodtech and OTT.

SHAREit participated in the world's leading gaming conference event - Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki - on 27-28 September 2022. The company shared how SHAREit's massive peer-to-peer game-sharing network can unlock continued user growth and monetization for mobile games now and in the future.

Arunabh Madhur, Regional VP and Head Business EMEA at SHAREit Group says: "SHAREit is a gateway to the emerging markets. We are connecting our new marketing partners in Europe with our user communities in emerging markets around the world. We have already proven the potential in the gaming sector and now we want to give our partners the opportunity to grow and expand globally across industries in the Nordics region as well."

The company's global rankings reflect the popularity and success of the app. According to the AppsFlyer Performance Index H2 2021, SHAREit ranked fourth globally in the volume and performance rankings in non-gaming categories and seventh in all categories in the In-App Purchases (IAP) index. In addition, SHAREit ranked eighth in the global retention index in all game categories.