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Peloton Unveils Holiday 2022 Creative Campaign Highlighting How Motivation Transcends Beyond the Workout

New York, US, 07 Nov. 2022, 14:18 CEST
Peloton Unveils Holiday 2022 Creative Campaign Highlighting How Motivation Transcends Beyond the Workout img#1

Today, Peloton launched its 2022 holiday campaign entitled, "The Peloton Effect." Produced in partnership with Mother LA, the campaign showcases how the motivation provided by Peloton's world-class content and Instructors stay with you long after the workout is over – motivation that keeps you moving forward in life, towards your goals, even through the busyness of the holiday season.

The hero TV ad shows a mother and father in the middle of their workouts on the Peloton Bike+ and Tread. Suddenly, they are reminded that they have family coming over for a holiday dinner and need to shift gears to prepare for their guests. In the throes of completing their holiday to-do lists, the couple is able to draw inspiration from their earlier classes with Peloton Instructors Robin Arzón and Alex Toussaint – calling upon mantras that struck a chord with each of them – as they race against the clock to prepare for their family gathering. With the help and motivation of Arzón and Toussaint, the couple powers through their tasks and are ready to enjoy their holiday.

"We wanted to capture the unique effect that our Instructors' words have on our Members, both in and out of the class experience," said Peloton's SVP of Global Creative Bryant Brennan. "We know our Instructors' words inspire and motivate, as we've heard countless stories of how Members apply what they hear in class to their everyday lives – it's one of the things that makes the connection between Instructor and Member so special. Our 2022 holiday campaign brings to life how the kind of motivation you find at Peloton is there for you, wherever and whenever you need it."

The hero :30 spot featuring Arzón and Toussaint will air in the US and Canada across various channels including television, digital and social. A localized :30 spot featuring Peloton Instructors Hannah Frankson and Jon Hosking will air in the UK and Australia.

Simon Bruyn, Executive Creative Director at Mother LA, summarizes the inspiration behind this year's holiday campaign stating, "Peloton has a very special connection with its Members. They don't just work out with Peloton, they find motivation with Peloton. In this work we wanted to show how the motivation you find with Peloton can help you get through one of the busiest, most stressful times of the year."