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HealthTech Startup Weo Launches Groundbreaking Smart Bottle that Amplifies Water's Health Benefits via Electrolysis

Miami, US, 15 Nov. 2022, 15:47 CEST
The Weo Bottle that uses electrolysis to enhance the water you drink img#1
The Weo Bottle that uses electrolysis to enhance the water you drink

Today Weo, a healthtech startup using biotechnology to alter water at the molecular level, announces its official launch of the Weo Bottle, the first-ever portable water bottle that uses electrolysis to enhance the water you drink with the touch of a button. The Weo Bottle is equipped with advanced, diamond-coated technology that amplifies water's properties, making daily hydration even more helpful.

Backed by over 20 years of research, Weo's unique, patented water conditioning system doesn't add anything to the filtered water you drink, it amplifies the elements through natural, scientific processes, employing electrolysis to change water at the molecular level. As a result, the augmented water has antioxidant properties which may help with immunity, energy, digestion and more , revolutionizing the way we hydrate.

The Weo Bottle itself also comes equipped with self-cleaning capabilities, durable frosted glass, long-lasting battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity to track your drinking habits through the Weo app. The Weo Bottle holds 22 fl. Oz. of water and comes with a silicone non-slip grip for easy, on-the-go use. The bottle was designed with the environment in mind; made with materials that will help reduce non-recyclable waste and plastic production as well as encourage greener habits for our customer base. A reusable bottle with advanced, portable, diamond electrolysis technology inside – ready to drink in 30 seconds only.

"Bringing the power of electrolyzed water to the forefront has been a passion of mine since we first started this research in the years 2000," said Anthony Ginter, CEO and founder of Weo. "We are confident the access to this technology through the Weo Bottle will completely change the way the world consumes water, and we are proud to be the first company to provide this groundbreaking innovation worldwide."

The Science Behind Weo Water

The bottle uses diamond and boron-coated electrodes to break up water molecules (H2O) into active elements including H2, O2, O3, H2O2 and solvated electrons. Each electrode is coated with Weo's own Swiss-made diamonds, known for their stability and long-term durability. Used in physics and chemistry, diamond layers are utilized for their unique, energetic potential.

By freeing up the active elements from H2O, Weo water increases the functioning potential of the biomolecules in the body such as proteins, amino acids, antioxidants and many more. These elements play specific roles in our health, including immunity support, cellular energy production, red blood cell function, and microbiome protection, and electrolysis allows the elements to be more intentional, increasing health benefits.

Weo is one of the first biotech companies to investigate the power of water on a cellular level. Since 2000, the company has partnered with key research institutes in Europe, Canada, and the US to test the effectiveness of Weo's biotechnology on plants and animals. These studies have shown that Weo technology amplifies the fundamental properties of water, which may have potential effects on immunity, microbiome diversity and more.

Weo Product Details

Weo Bottle product highlights include:

  • Diamond-coated Weo water technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Track your drinking habits and healthy lifestyle by connecting to the Weo App!
  • Lasts 72 hours between charges; USB-C cable included
  • Self-cleaning capabilities
  • 22 fl. oz. capacity
  • Durable, frosted glass to reduce non-recyclable waste and plastic bottle production

How to use the Weo Bottle:

  • Fill the bottle with filtered water to the maximum level
  • Secure the cap to the top of the Bottle
  • Connect the Bottle to the Weo App
  • Press and hold down the button for one second until the LED light turns on to activate electrolysis
  • The water should appear slightly cloudy for a short time after electrolysis, which means it is ready for consumption

The Weo Bottle is now available at for $390, with payment plan options available. The Weo app can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users from the App store and Google Play. Visit for more information on the brand and its research, and follow along on Twitter @Weo.USA and Instagram @Weo.Water to stay up to date on the latest brand news and updates.