Shanghai, CN, 10 Mar. 2023, 13:44 CEST
Wavemaker Launches Interest-based Precision Marketing Model GRAVITY

Digging deeper to deliver definitive growth

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Wavemaker Launches Interest-based Precision Marketing Model GRAVITY

Wavemaker recently announced the launch of GRAVITY, an interest-based precision marketing model, to help brands develop and implement more precise and customized marketing scenarios. What sets GRAVITY apart is its ability to focus on specific scenarios based on the client's needs, derive quantitative insights by customizing the client's interest scene labels on top of the industry's standard labels, and deliver a customized scenario-based marketing plan. Unlike conventional precision marketing models, GRAVITY offers greater advantages in content marketing by sifting through consumer behaviors in addition to creating a customized scenario-based communication matrix by overlaying the consumer links and associating them with the scenario themes. These features represent a quantum leap in the level of marketing precision, delivering visible and definitive growth to brands.

Taking it a giant step further to address the pain points of data applications

Practitioners encounter marketing bottlenecks due to a variety of unstable factors in the highly stressed, unpredictable VUCA era. At the same time, in the online world, every consumer behavior generates a single data point. Furthermore, there is a certain inevitability about the behaviors that are discrete, diverse and seemingly illogical.

The pressing question then becomes, how to extract value from the data so as to better target and influence consumers, by leveraging the data to meet the evolving needs of today's brand marketers, and help brands bring their marketing efforts to the next level?

What is needed is a model that can create a new set of rules on top of the seemingly complex and fragmented mass of data based on highly granular, customized analysis and data empowerment.

It was within this context that GRAVITY was created and brought to market.

GRAVITY explores the infinite possibilities of scenario marketing

In the past, precise interest-based precision marketing relied mainly on the demographic attribute, brand assets, behavior and interest labels linked to the product to analyze and implement scenarios. The GRAVITY model, on the other hand, takes it a step further, further segmenting scenarios and expanding the interest scenario labels, overlaying the consumer links, and associating the product-based labels with brands' customized needs and scenarios, to create an entirely new interest-based precision label system, and form a communications matrix entirely focused on scenario marketing.

The implementation of the GRAVITY model relies mainly on the ability of label factories and the custom reports from platforms' data factory. The label factory provides the white-boxing function of the data labeling that delivers the customization of the brand's scenario labeling system alongside quantitative analysis and application. Custom reports help accelerate data processing and analysis, visualize the data and allow for customized queries, alongside a data-rich and much more informative set of indicators. The combination of the two functions can provide the technical basis for scenario customization and precision.

The GRAVITY model consists of three main parts:

"Still waters run deep" - industry-tailored scenario labeling system:

The conventional product-based demographic attribute, brand asset, behavior and interest labeling system was not capable of meeting the goal of precision marketing that was required as it depended on a reorganization and customization of the data to meet the needs of the brand due to the specificities of the vertical segment that the brand happened to occupy. Wavemaker delivers a more scientific scenario label customization, focusing on the brand's specific industry and segmenting based on a significantly more granular keyword list of topics under the interest scenario label by leveraging extensive industry knowledge and label customization. Starting from the brand's specific customization needs, GRAVITY can customize the labeling system with thousands of or even hundreds of thousands of keywords tailored to the characteristics of the brand's industry segment.

Structured and dynamic labeling mechanism: based on the range of different types of scenarios, Wavemaker creates a structured view of the seemingly huge amount of complex scenario information, which, in turn, adds structure to the value and performance of the marketing. In addition, GRAVITY maintains and updates scenario labels on a regular basis to ensure that the latest trends in the industry are captured and included in the data.

"Proportion with numbers" - quantitative analysis of the scenario characteristics:

Based on the existing scenario label, GRAVITY undertakes quantitative analysis, decodes the scenario link characteristics, provides significantly more granular brand features and crowd characteristics, and develops a deep understanding of the scenario of the industry. In this process, GRAVITY unlocks the scenario link relationship and the characteristics of each scenario, and analyzes the performance differences of various brands under different industry scenarios and the characteristics of the target group, to closely correlate the scenario with the group.

"Play with art" - scenario planning and design:

The strengths and weaknesses of each scenario are identified based on the previous analysis and brand goals, so that the scenario marketing direction of the brands can be identified and set. GRAVITY matches the needs of different product scenarios for customers, customizes and personalizes the communication strategies, and determines the content matrix for key scenarios, including content selection, content distribution, demographics to target and suggest content for influencers, among others.

Through customized scenario labeling, a structured and dynamic labeling mechanism, quantitative analysis of scenario characteristics, identifying and setting the direction of the marketing, GRAVITY will greatly enhance the brand marketing effect in terms of traffic, brand awareness and proportion of repeat customers.

A close look at how GRAVITY is empowering the luxury industry

In the luxury clothing and bags industry, with the customized label and the consumer purchase journey as the core items, GRAVITY, based on the output of the label factories and the custom reports from Platforms' data factory, overlays the data onto all the scenario themes, in order to create the scenario communication matrix covering luxury interests, purchases and usage.

First, GRAVITY data-mines, filters and categorizes the luxury scenarios, and produces 30 scenario themes around the three key components of the consumer purchase process: interests, purchase and interaction. At the same time, it creates labels for 30 luxury scenario themes by categorizing more than 1,200 keywords and consumer behaviors.

Then, a quantitative analysis is undertaken based on the scenario labels to identify the characteristics of the three processes, understand which scenarios drew the most attention, were the most discussed, and the most shared. At the same time, GRAVITY also identifies the characteristics of the individual brands, as well as the features and successful elements of the top brands in the luxury industry by looking at how many times a prospective buyer looked at the content, the types and frequency of the interactions and the number of times a piece of content was shared.

Finally, GRAIVITY focuses on specific brands, examines the advantages and disadvantages of the scenario from the viewpoint of different industries and competitive products, to determine the optimal scenario and optimization route to follow. For scenarios that need further optimization, the labeling is made even more granular, additional quantitative analysis is undertaken as well as new planning and design based on brand characteristics and performance, to provide marketing data and a decision-making reference for the brand with the goal of effectively achieving brand penetration and transformation of the marketing approach.

Wavemaker's interest-based precision marketing model GRAVITY is a marketing methodology based on identifying and taking steps to deal with the pain points encountered in the VUCA era. Amid the complex cases and massive data, GRAVITY overlays the discrete behavioral data of consumers onto all the possible scenarios and develops a set of customized and precision-focused solutions with strong feasibility and dynamic improvement. Wavemaker plans to continue making advances in marketing with its forward-looking and professional experience, helping brands achieve more precise scenario marketing, and facilitate the sustainable development of the industry.