Novi, US, 11 Apr. 2023, 14:00 CEST
NAF Cash: The New Way to Buy a Home

Innovative cash buying company Buyer Accepted rebrands

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NAF Cash: The New Way to Buy a Home

NAF Cash: The New Way to Buy a Home

Over the last year, Buyer Accepted has helped turn homebuyers across the nation into cash buyers, providing them with convenience and certainty when they are making the biggest purchase of their lives.

Now, the company that is reshaping how people buy a home will have a new name: NAF Cash.

NAF Cash is an affiliated company of New American Funding (NAF), and its new name signifies its ties to NAF. Moving forward, homebuyers can be even more confident in knowing that NAF Cash is associated with one of the nation's top mortgage lenders.

While NAF Cash is changing its name, the services it offers remain the same. The company turns homebuyers into cash buyers and helps those buyers get into their new homes faster - than with a traditional mortgage.

Cash buyers may be able to pay less too. Buying in cash may help save up to 11% over those using a traditional mortgage1. In today's market, sellers may be more likely to offer concessions to a cash buyer. Those savings could prove very useful at a time when interest rates are up, and home inventory is down, as cash buyers may even be able to use that money to buy down their interest rate.

NAF Cash allows homebuyers to make a competitive, true cash offer that is not contingent on financing and may close in little as seven days, without having to sell their current home first. That gives homebuyers the security of knowing their home purchase will close and the convenience of closing fast. Allowing them to avoid hotel costs and storage units while they transition from one house to another.

"We've seen the tremendous impact that becoming a cash buyer has had on all our customers," said Caroline Isern, Vice President, NAF Cash. "Being able to be a cash buyer removes so much stress from the homebuying process, especially for those who are trying to sell their current house at the same time. Gone are the days of having to list your home while you are looking for a new one. NAF Cash has made that a thing of the past."

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