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Retro Stage Adds New Tricks and Treats to Create a Unique and Unforgettable Halloween

Monterey, US, 14 Oct. 2022, 15:04 CEST
Retro Stage Adds New Tricks and Treats to Create a Unique and Unforgettable Halloween img#1

In early October, Retro Stage shared its Halloween collection, which is meant to provide inspiration for customers' costume ideas and add a dash of vintage fun to the spooky season. From different types of Halloween-themed garments to dainty, stylish accessories, this incredible selection has all of the trick-or-treaters' favorite seasonal wardrobe staples.

Retro fashion has always been synonymous with the Retro Stage brand, and they have always been dedicated to providing the masses with high-quality and good-looking clothing and accessories. From 1920s flapper dresses to 1950s swing dresses to 1960s fishtail dresses, from vintage swimsuits to shoes and accessories, all kinds of retro-inspired pieces can be found at Retro Stage. This fall's Halloween collection features nearly 200 items ranging in price from $8 to $60, allowing customers to dress in head-to-toe vintage fashion without breaking the bank.

When it comes to Halloween, there are a lot of different things people can do to get in the spirit. One of the most popular traditions is to get dressed up in a fun and creative costume. With this Halloween collection, it is easy for clients to stand out in any celebration, whether it's partying at a bar, watching scary movies with friends at home, or going trick-or-treating with the family. Now explore the creepy collection to discover something fresh.

For movie and literature lovers, the Halloween collection can help them dress up as their favorite horror protagonists and pay homage to beloved scary stories and movies. For example, the titular heroine from the classic horror film Carrie frightened everyone by using her telekinetic powers to exact revenge while wearing this 1960s Pink Halloween Blood Fishtail Dress. The pink dress is an iconic image from the film, and it's sure to send a shiver down people's spines. For those who want something a little less creepy, this 1950s Newspaper Swing Dress with a bat cape, looking like it came right out of a black-and-white movie, lets the wearer show their love for horror this Halloween in a subtle way. Those trying to get in touch with their evil side can wear the Black Spider Web Witch Dress to dress up as the powerful wicked witch from Maleficent. Its bodice design helps to slim the waist, and the trumpet sleeves allow the wearer to freely wave their magic wand to cast curses. For fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, they can also show their love for this film with the 1950s Dark Halloween Night Lace Patchwork Dress. It features the most iconic Halloween imagery from the fantasy film, allowing the wearer to dance with black bats, a bright full moon, and—of course—pumpkins.

Zombies, skeletons, and other supernatural creatures are always popular on Halloween night. To dress up as these fiends, one only needs a garment that fits the theme. The 1950s Halloween Black Magic Strap Dress (paired with a matching cape) and the Halloween Black Bat Lace Dress are both perfect for a dark sorceress look. Fully covered with black bat patterns, these dresses can add an air of mystery to the wearer's look, making them seem like masters of evil magic spells ready to summon demons at any time. For a truly spooky Halloween look, trick-or-treaters can try a simple black dress with a skeleton print. When walking down the street in the dark with this dress on, the white bone patterns can be mistaken for the wearer's bare skeleton at first glance, creating a terrifying and interesting illusion. Alternatively, the 1950s Wine Red Skull Mesh Swing Dress, which features a deep crimson base covered in a black mesh with terrifying skull motifs, is horrific enough to scare anyone in the wearer's path on Halloween night.

In addition, Halloween is an important time to show off personal style and self-expression, so it doesn't mean trick-or-treaters have to incorporate dark arts into their costume. In this Halloween collection, designers at Retro Stage also created a range of retro-inspired clothing paired with unique color combinations and lovely patterns, which are also perfect for Halloween parties. One example is the 1950s Halloween Colorful Print Strap Dress, which features a variety of colorful and cute Halloween classic patterns, making the wearer quickly get into the Halloween spirit. A pumpkin candy dress cannot be missed by those who go trick-or-treating, of course. The colorful pumpkin patterns on the dress look like sweet candies and have a pumpkin-flavored taste. And the unique halter and spliced neckline design will make the wearer get lots of compliments wherever they go.

Any vintage fashion lover looking to add a little more Halloween flair to their wardrobe this year can check out the Halloween collection for a wide selection of Halloween costumes. Retro Stage encourages everybody to get creative and have some fun this Halloween!