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Two Volvo trucks fall head over wheels for each other in new film

Gothenburg, SE, 11 Oct. 2022, 09:01 CEST
Two Volvo trucks fall head over wheels for each other in new film img#1

A beautiful love affair between two trucks: this is Volvo Trucks' unusual approach to highlight the driveability and fuel efficiency of its bestseller, the Volvo FH.

Fuel efficiency and the joy of driving are often seen as two opposites among truck drivers. Simply put, you can't have both. But with Volvo's fuel saving innovations, fun and efficiency can indeed be combined. This is illustrated in the company's latest animated film, which centres on a love story between two Volvo FH trucks.

The film highlights the product features that make up the fuel efficient I-Save package, including the turbo compound engine, I-Shift, I-See, I-Torque, as well as an improved aerodynamic design – demonstrated in a way that you have never seen before.

The I-Save package was introduced to customers in 2019 and has since been a sales success for Volvo Trucks. Its features combined can cumulate in improvements to fuel economy of up to 13%.*

"We are very proud of the I-Save features, and with this love story we want to give those features the attention they deserve. For our customers, I-Save has come to stand for outstanding fuel economy and great driveability, and the majority of the Volvo FH trucks we sell today are equipped with I-Save," says Peter Franzén, Product Manager Engines at Volvo Trucks.

The film was shot in Croatia and all real-life driving was done under safe conditions in a closed-off area.

*Compared to consumption levels before I-Save was introduced in 2019.