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Surprise Drone Show at Mercato Event in Cottonwood Heights Wows Spectators

Cottonwood Heights, US, 17 Oct. 2022, 12:01 CEST
Surprise Drone Show at Mercato Event in Cottonwood Heights Wows Spectators img#1

Open Sky Productions has created one of its remarkable drone shows for private equity firm Mercato Partners as a surprise for guests at its MercAUTO event in Cottonwood Heights. The drone show was not announced ahead of time so guests were surprised with the 12-minute show that included 140 drones set to music in a custom show.

"We really wanted to surprise and delight our guests with something they were not expecting and wanted them to leave with a memorable experience," said Alycia Simons, executive assistant at Mercato. "We would jump at the chance to do this again. It really was the icing on the cake for our event."

Open Sky has created epic drone shows for private parties and events in the western U.S. and for several public events, like the recent Sandy City Balloon Festival and Renaissance Fair at Thanksgiving Point. Drone shows are a safer alternative to fireworks shows, which may be why they have become popular in states with high wildfire risk, like Utah and Arizona. This month they're also heading to the east coast for a show at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania.

Designer Justin Eggbert and Chief Pilot Evan Petri visualize and program hundreds of drones, coordinating custom outdoor performances that light up the sky.

For those who haven't had a chance to see a live drone show, Open Sky is releasing a video of clips from the recent show for Mercato.

"Watching the show was mesmerizing. It was amazing to watch it, but better yet was hearing the crowd around me cheer and gasp," Simons said. "It really blew everyone away."