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MTX Group Deploys Monkeypox Vaccine Solution as Case Counts Surge Across the Country

Dallas, US, 09 Sep. 2022, 13:52:00 GMT
MTX Group Deploys Monkeypox Vaccine Solution as Case Counts Surge Across the Country img#1

As the number of confirmed Monkeypox cases in the United States nears 19,000, state and local governments are responding to yet another public health crisis.

To address this challenge and others, MTX Group, Inc. (MTX) has adapted our groundbreaking COVID-19 disease surveillance and vaccine management solutions to help state and local health departments respond to future threats to public health. These MTX solutions utilize data to monitor infections and facilitate better decision making for communities gearing up to fight the fast-spreading Monkeypox virus.

According to MTX President & former Chief Health Information Officer for New York State Department Of Health, Mahesh Nattanmai, "MTX is proud and excited to be part of the emerging solution for Monkeypox, much like we were with the coronavirus pandemic. We believe our deep experience in working with public sector agencies and the nimbleness of our team in customizing solutions positions MTX Group to be instrumental in helping to fight Monkeypox and other public health threats."

MTX converted its COVID-19 response systems into MTX Monkeypox Surveillance and Vaccine Management systems to help health departments collect and manage valuable data to monitor infections and exposed individuals, allocate and deliver vaccines and make informed decisions to manage public health. MTX went live with its Monkeypox Vaccine Management solution for one of our public sector clients in less than a week, enabling the agency to book 9,000 appointments for the first dose in a single day.

As a trusted partner to government agencies, MTX consistently met the challenges presented during the pandemic and successfully deployed emergency response management solutions to our public sector partners . These solutions include health monitoring, vaccination management, unemployment insurance application claims, emergency child care, rental assistance programs and more.

Brad Hutton, M.P.H, Senior Public Health Advisor to MTX of Hutton Health Consulting and former New York State Deputy Commissioner for Public Health said "State and local public health departments continue to work non-stop to protect the health of their residents against emerging threats - all while maintaining active responses against COVID-19. Health departments can benefit from strong, experienced and trusted vendors to assist them in modernizing their information systems for tracking and responding to communicable diseases. MTX has helped many health departments throughout the pandemic and is poised to deliver expert support to others."

MTX invites Public Health Officials to attend our upcoming Disease Surveillance and Monkeypox Live Webinar on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 3:00 PM EST. Register here .

You can also learn more by listening to a recording of our previous webinar Managing the Monkeypox Outbreak with Solutions from the Pandemic.