Dr. Organic
London, GB, 15 Mar. 2023, 12:00 CEST
Dr Organic UK's largest certified skincare brand following Cosmos Certification

Following the brand's mantra, 'for people and planet', Dr. Organic is leading the way in creating sustainable and accessible products

Dr. Organic officially becomes the UK's leading COSMOS certified skincare brand img#1
Dr. Organic officially becomes the UK's leading COSMOS certified skincare brand

Dr Organic UK's largest certified skincare brand following Cosmos Certification

It's not enough to simply say that a product is sustainable. Modern consumers are savvy to green washing in the skincare industry, and now they want proof of a brand's eco credentials. COSMOS certification, aka the leading authority for identifying organic and natural products you can trust, is the most transparent stamp of approval out there. The certification reassures the consumer that the ingredients used are genuinely organic and that the production methods used to create them are as sustainable as possible.

A recent report by the British Beauty Council found that 88% of consumers want brands to do more to help them make a difference[1], whilst their 2023 Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market Report found that when buying beauty products, sustainability information is three times more important to consumers than peer-to-peer reviews[2]. Nine out of ten shoppers also believe that sustainable and ethical considerations are important when making a beauty or well-being purchase, but one in five people admit to not actually knowing how to check a product's credentials[3].

Long committed to the planet and its customers, Dr. Organic is proud to announce that it is now working towards COSMOS Organic certification for its 200-product-strong range, officially making it the UK's leading COSMOS certified skincare brand.

Victoria Harrison, Brand Director at Dr. Organic, says: "We want to be as honest and transparent with the consumer as we can be, and what better way is there than certifying to the highest organic standard."

"We've also worked incredibly hard on our new ocean-bound plastic packaging that's prevented over 41 tonnes of plastic entering the world's oceans every year and would like to ensure that all of our packaging utilises existing recycled materials rather than new. When it comes to certification though, we'll always be organic first."

The brand is also working with Lignaverda and Ecologi who help businesses create impactful climate solutions. Offsetting their carbon every month, Dr. Organic have planted over 25,000 trees which has avoided 450 certified tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, and in turn saved over 1013m of sea ice melting.

As well as the lack of confidence in the sustainable options out there, consumers have also had to contend with the price of organic products, which has historically been higher than mass-market (non-organic) alternatives. In fact, 60% of COSMOS licensees believe that the current economic climate has negatively affected their sales[4]. A shift in consumers returning to the high street in search of deals and offers also means that organic brands must follow suit if they want to stay competitive in the beauty and wellbeing retailers.

Harrison comments, "It's been 15 years since we developed the Dr. Organic brand, with the mission of creating affordable, organic beauty and personal care essentials, sold exclusively through Holland & Barrett. As we've grown, we've always stayed true to our core values focusing on people and the planet. We're always looking to stay at the forefront of advances as they become available to us, and we'll continue to look for ways to improve sustainability so watch this space. Our COSMOS certification is simply another step in the right direction."

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