Shenzhen, CN, 12 Sep. 2023, 08:00 CEST
Vaporesso earns MoIAT certification for 11 vaping products in UAE

VAPORESSO, a leading vaping brand, is the first registered e-cigarette brand licensed by the UAE's MoIAT to sell in the country, with certification for over 10 product models.

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Vaporesso earns MoIAT certification for 11 vaping products in UAE

VAPORESSO, a prominent leader in the vaping industry, proudly announces its distinction as the first registered e-cigarette brand to receive licensing from the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for sales within the country. Following nearly a year of meticulous strategic planning and application processes, VAPORESSO has garnered MoIAT certification for more than 10 models of its products. These encompass the LUXE XR, XROS 3 MINI, XROS 2, XROS 3, XROS MINI, XROS NANO, ZERO S, LUXE X, LUXE QS, OSMALL 2, and GEN PT 60.

Jimmy Hu, Vice President of VAPORESSO, affirms, "As the first open-system vaping device brand licensed by the MoIAT, we will continue our commitment to providing market-leading vaping products with unmatched quality and functionality."

The initial batch of MoIAT-certified products, equipped with compliant packaging, has already arrived in the UAE and undergone taxation procedures. This milestone enables distributors, retailers, and consumers to legally engage in the sale, stocking, and purchase of VAPORESSO products, all with the assurance of quality. Furthermore, all forthcoming VAPORESSO products will undergo MoIAT registration, thereby upholding standards of quality and innovation for partners and consumers alike.

The UAE government has enacted stringent regulations to govern all nicotine-containing components utilized in e-cigarettes, refill packages, e-liquids, and tobacco products offered in the country. These regulations mandate that manufacturers and vaping device companies must adhere to the Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA) standards. These standards delineate rigorous quality and safety requirements that e-cigarettes and related products must meet before entering the market.

VAPORESSO, renowned for its track record in developing top-tier vaping devices, views the MoIAT's authorization as a pivotal advancement in its mission to expand its presence in the Middle East.

VAPORESSO has cemented its status as a trusted provider of innovative, stylish, and dependable vaping products, earning the trust and loyalty of both channel partners and consumers. This unwavering commitment to excellence remains the foundation of its success within the vaping industry, and it continues to be dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and design.