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Magdeburg, DE, 09 Mar. 2023, 10:00 CEST
Impressive world culture, historical sites and active holidays surrounded by picturesque landscapes: Saxony-Anhalt is "truly special"

From vast, untouched landscapes to lively cities — travellers everywhere in Saxony-Anhalt encounter the unexpected and unique. A rich cultural history meets modern offerings, as Saxony-Anhalt has reinvented itself throughout the ages.

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Cycling in Saxony Anhalt

Impressive world culture, historical sites and active holidays surrounded by picturesque landscapes: Saxony-Anhalt is "truly special"

Castles, palaces and cathedrals recall the splendour of days gone by. Many of them were built during the reign of Emperor Otto the Great, who is inseparably linked with the city of Magdeburg. Heading south 1,050 years ago, he died on May 7 in his imperial palace in Memleben. Following the footsteps of the emperor's last journey, many places are offering events and activities for visitors so they can immerse themselves in the Middle Ages in this anniversary year. The Romanesque Road, which connects many Romanesque sights in Saxony-Anhalt, is also celebrating its 30th birthday. Paddling, pilgrimaging or pedalling is an excellent way to explore the splendour.

When it comes to cycling, several regions in Saxony-Anhalt come to mind. The Hanseatic cities or the towns of Bismarck in the flat Altmark are ideal for extended bike tours. In the southeast part of the state, the World Heritage region of Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg, also makes history come alive with its Coal I Steam I Light I Lakes route. This cycling and activity route links the historic industrial culture of the region with the diverse water landscapes. In addition, visitors can marvel at the world cultural offerings — from the gardens of Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz to the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau — and enjoy music in all its diversity.

The "classic attraction" is the Elbe Cycle Route, which has won several awards as the most beautiful cycling route in Germany. Coming from the southeast, it runs through the Elbe-Börde-Heide region and Magdeburg, and then from the Altmark region on to Lower Saxony. Magdeburg is not only marked by the anniversary of Otto the Great this year. Visitors can also enjoy urban camping along the riverbank. From there, it is only a stone's throw to the city centre with its cultural offerings as well as restaurants and bars.

Halle (Saale) also provides a wealth of culture. To coincide with the astronomical start of spring, the city is opening a modern planetarium in a historic gasometer to impart astronomical knowledge in a multimedia setting. Since the end of February, there has also been a new exhibition at the Moritzburg Art Museum. "The other Picasso", on display until May 21, takes visitors back to the origins of the master artist and displays ceramic works and works on paper as the only exhibition to mark the international Picasso year in Germany.