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Carlos Jaya Alvarado's new book "Pasos de un Inmigrante" is a riveting memoir

Coal Township, US, 22 Aug. 2022, 10:10:00 GMT
Carlos Jaya Alvarado's new book "Pasos de un Inmigrante" is a riveting memoir img#1

Recent release "Pasos de un Inmigrante" from Page Publishing author Carlos Jaya Alvarado is an awe-inspiring nonfiction that will make the readers understand the plight of every immigrant out there.

Carlos Jaya Alvarado, a faithful believer who dreams of equal opportunities for all immigrants, has completed his new book "Pasos de un Inmigrante": a compelling true story that follows the journey of an immigrant who wanted a better life for his family. In this short read, the author seamlessly presented how tenuous the immigrant's position in American society is.

Alvarado shares, "Reasons why I wrote this book. I decided to tell the world my story through this book, because the desperation, pain, uncertainty that an immigrant lives in this country on a daily basis is real, some with their families here, others with their families in their country of origin. All these things are too big to continue being ignored, immigrants just want an opportunity for a better life, which we could not get in our native country. This is the reason why I wrote 'Pasos de un Inmigrante'"

Published by Page Publishing, Carlos Jaya Alvarado's insightful tale sums up the harsh realities that immigrants have to deal with in their everyday living.

It's an honest and unflinching narrative that aims to amplify the unheard voices of immigrants.

Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase "Pasos de un Inmigrante" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.