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Relevé Studios gets a transformation with the help of DSOA and Onnyt-Dance

Chicago, US, 04 Oct. 2022, 21:07 CEST
Relevé Studios gets a transformation with the help of DSOA and Onnyt-Dance img#1

Relevé Studios, located in Northridge, California received a special welcome from Dance Studio Owners Association and Onnyt-Dance after being named Studio of the Year for 2021. With tens of thousands of dance studios located throughout the United States, Releve's owner Jodi Shilling had much to be thankful for after studio gurus Shannon Westveer, Kim McSwain, Lisa DeMaio and Hillary Parnell made a visit in late August.

Over a period of just a few days, Jodi's dance studio was transformed. Business process was reviewed and improved and budget development along with key performance indicators were put in place to better evaluate the business moving forward. All aspects of the dance studio from employee optimization to choreography were discussed and modernized all in an effort to provide Relevé Studios with the tools that it needed to maintain its best in class standard.

"I can't say enough about the team at DSOA and Onnyt-Dance. The knowledge and expertise that they have provided me will without question make me a stronger, more knowledgeable business owner. The feedback was motivating and has left me feeling confident in so many ways." - Jodi Shilling, owner of Relevé Studios.

As with many small businesses, regardless of industry, keeping up with daily bank reconciliations, budgeting and financial analysis can be difficult to manage. The team at Onnyt-Dance offers a cost effective solution that provides this and so much more.

"We are committed to our studio owners and we're excited to have had the opportunity to work with Jodi and her team. Modern approaches to process combined with a better understanding for financial controls and proactive management make our clients stronger." – Emily Ladowitz, Relationship Manager with Onnyt-Dance.

The combined DSOA and Onnyt-Dance client portfolio consists of more than 12,000 member studios worldwide. Clients not only benefit from coaching provided by DSOA staff, but also from strategic partnerships like this one with Onnyt-Dance. By way of proprietary technology and talented team members, Onnyt-Dance provides DSOA members easy, automated, and worry-free visibility into their finances so they can focus on operating their business.

Both firms have experience and expertise that has attracted great talent. Management teams are there to provide studio owners the guidance and coaching that is necessary to manage a well functioning and thriving organization.