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Toronto, CA, 07 Feb. 2023, 13:00 CEST
This Super Bowl LVII phone hack from Cheetos® lets you keep using your phone when your fingers are covered with that orange dust

Unlock your phone just by saying "Eating Cheetos" using this clever accessibility hack.

Cheetos Cheetle Hack (CNW Group/Cheetos Canada) img#1
Cheetos Cheetle Hack (CNW Group/Cheetos Canada)

This Super Bowl LVII phone hack from Cheetos® lets you keep using your phone when your fingers are covered with that orange dust

Just in time for Super Bowl LVII– one of the biggest snacking days of the year– the Cheetos brand is introducing the Cheetos® Cheetle Hack: a hack that uses your voice to open your smartphone when you have Cheetle on your fingertips. And in case you're wondering, "Cheetle" is the official term for the powdery residue that gets on your fingertips while eating the savory snack, Cheetos.

Snacks are one of the best parts of the big game, and that means there will be a lot of Cheetle fingers. So for all the North Americans who will be glued to their phones this Sunday (because are you even watching Super Bowl LVII if you're not engaged in a running commentary throughout the entire game in multiple group chats!?) there's a problem: you can't unlock your phone with Cheetle fingers. That is, until now.

Enabling the Cheetos Cheetle Hack is quite simple. While you'll find the step-by-step instructions at, here's a quick overview. First, mark your phone's passcode with Cheetle on your fingers. Then, open your phone's settings and go to Accessibility. Open and turn on Voice Control and select Customize Command. Now, create your own "Eating Cheetos" command. Retrace your marked Cheetle and save as your new gesture. Now you're free to use "Eating Cheetos" as a voice command to unlock your phone, hands-free.

"Our true fans know that Cheetle is an unmistakably delicious part of the Cheetos experience. But as our fans have pointed out, sometimes that means you can't do things like unlock your phone," says Lisa Allie, Senior Marketing Director, PepsiCo Foods Canada. "We wanted to make sure that fans could remain locked in on all the action and be a part of all the live conversations surrounding the big game while still enjoying their favourite snack!"

While the voice command accessibility feature has existed for smartphones for some time, it has only recently started to make its rounds on social media. The Cheetos brand saw Super Bowl LVII as the perfect opportunity to shed light on this brilliant hack at a time when Cheetle fingers will be at their peak.

And yes, of course, there's always face authentication to unlock your phone… but chances are, there's going to be Cheetle there too.