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Newtown, US, 23 Feb. 2023, 16:02 CEST
EPAM Delivers 5G-Powered VR, Unveils Digital Metahuman Tech & Leads Emerging Technology Panel at MWC 2023

Monetization of Strategic 5G Telco Tech Investments + Energy Efficiency & Network Security

EPAM Delivers 5G-Powered VR, Unveils Digital Metahuman Tech & Leads Emerging Technology Panel at MWC 2023 img#1

EPAM Delivers 5G-Powered VR, Unveils Digital Metahuman Tech & Leads Emerging Technology Panel at MWC 2023

EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, today announced its Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 (February 28 - March 2) technology line-up. The Company will:

  • Introduce 'Vivien," its new Digital Metahuman and the Future Face of Customer Experience
  • Explore Optiva Media's 5G virtual reality experience, the first open metaverse created and launched in Spain
  • Host an All-Female Executive Panel of Telecommunications Leaders, who will unravel the monetization opportunities of leveraging investments in 5G and Emerging Technologies, such as AI, ML, IoT and edge computing

"Telco leaders are having to address a number of industry headwinds to optimize costs and drive revenue growth in an extremely challenging and competitive economic environment," said Robert Koch, Global Head, Media and Entertainment Solution Practice at EPAM. "Consumer and enterprise demand for seamless digital experiences are putting pressure on telecommunications organizations to transform their core technology stack to improve marketing automation for personalization, leverage network intelligence for improved customer service experience and bring innovative products powered by 5G and edge compute."

Meet 'Vivien' – the Digital Metahuman and the Future Face of Customer Experience

At this year's MWC, EPAM will launch 'Vivien,' the digital metahuman who will become the customer experience 'face' of the future. Powered by a combination of AI-enabled chatbots, motion capture and 3D gaming software, EPAM's digital metahuman will enable digital businesses to offer customers real-life experiences for technical support, sales and customer service, creating remote life-like interactive customer engagements that facilitate education, autonomy and convenience.

Explore Optiva Media's 5G Virtual Reality Experience, the First Open Metaverse Created and Launched in Spain

As part of its technology previews, EPAM will host a demo showcase by Optiva Media, an EPAM Company, of Vodafone Spain's 5G virtual reality solution for the Spanish market, featuring EPAM's metaverse experience platform for leading telco providers. Acquired by EPAM in 2021, Optiva Media helps media companies make the most of their services, including engineering and operations, media and metadata management, product design and development, research and business and technical consultancy.

EPAM to Host Telco Panel

  • Session Title: Sustainable & Profitable Telco: An Oxymoron or Your Org's Destiny?
  • Date & Time: Tuesday, February 28, 2023, at 15:45 – 16:15 CET
  • Location: MWL Broadcast Studio, Hall 4
  • Session Description: There's much, maybe too much, loose chatter out there regarding sustainability and the telco agenda, about how emerging tech such as 5G and AI can enable the monetization of these strategic imperatives. Join in this essential conversation—with five female leaders from EPAM, Ericsson UK & Ireland, Colt and Three UK.

We know data-driven transformation initiatives must be an essential component of our industry's growth in the coming years, but with increasing cybersecurity concerns, government-placed regulations and crumbling legacy systems, how can Telcos leverage partnerships with digital natives to create efficiencies with consumers and businesses?

How can digital transformation initiatives focusing on sustainable improvements help drive the industry to a digital and connected future?

Hosted on February 28th at the MWL Broadcast Studio, Hall 4, the panel of senior telco leaders will debate key overarching industry themes, such as sustainability and the telco agenda. Senior executives from EPAM Systems, Colt, Ericsson and Three UK will discuss how emerging technologies, such as AI, ML, IoT and edge computing, can enable the monetization of telcos' strategic investments in 5G while focusing on energy efficiency and network security. The panel will include:

  • Keri Gilder – CEO, Colt
  • Katherine Ainley – CEO, Ericsson UK & Ireland
  • Belinda Finch – CIO, Three UK
  • Alix Burge – Head of Telecom Consulting, EPAM
  • Elaina Shekhter – Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, EPAM – Moderator

"The maturity and commercialization of 5G will continue to drive telco leaders' decisions to address the evolving needs of enterprises and consumers sustainably," said Elaina Shekhter, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, EPAM. "Leveraging MWC 2023 as an influential industry platform, our executive panel will bring together some of the industry's top leaders to discuss sustainability and how technologies like 5G and AI can help drive new revenue growth."

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Watch the live panel at MWC on February 28, 2023, on MWL Broadcast Studio, Hall 4 or pre-register for the on-demand recordings.

Learn more about EPAM's Media solutions at www.epam.com/our-work/media-entertainment-and-telecom.