Centerboro Productions
Washington, US, 16 Mar. 2023, 13:42 CEST
Hollywood Space Sci-Fi Thriller "Helios" to Feature United Launch Alliance (ULA) Vulcan Rocket

Vulcan Rocket to Launch Space Heroes to Save the World

HELIOS Film Poster img#1
HELIOS Film Poster

Hollywood Space Sci-Fi Thriller "Helios" to Feature United Launch Alliance (ULA) Vulcan Rocket

Centerboro Productions, a leading entertainment media company and producer of high-quality feature films and episodic television, announced today at the Satellite 2023 Conference in Washington DC an agreement with United Launch Alliance (ULA), to be one of the brand sponsors in a cross-promotional deal to feature the use of its Vulcan rocket in a pivotal role, enabling the main heroine-scientist to reach space in an upcoming Hollywood film Helios.

Set in 2030, the film will tell the story of a spaceship, the Helios, and its crew during their urgent mission to the International Space Station (ISS). When a gigantic solar flare, from an incoming cataclysmic solar storm hits the station, it is up to astronomer and former NASA Astronaut Jess Denver and Air Force Colonel Sam Adler to team up and save humanity. Helios is written by Patricia A. Beninati (Hubble: 20 Years of Discovery), Michael K. Anderson (The Wonder Show), and Bernard Moore (Helios).

The Helios movie is produced by Centerboro's president, producer & writer Patricia A. Beninati, (Hubble: 20 Years of Discovery) John Lewis (Lullaby), Todd Slater (King of Killers), Michael K. Anderson (The Wonder Show), Marilyn G. Haft (Grace is Gone), and Robert Feierbach, who will serve as an executive producer.

"We are thrilled to team up with ULA as it has been a trusted and undisputable partner for national security and commercial customers worldwide. It is a perfect fit for the space-themed story in our Helios movie, which highlights the use of a reliable launch vehicle that lofts the main character and her spaceplane to orbit in our sci-fi thriller. We really want to make a film that shows how low earth orbit will be in 2030, that's authentic in technology, and demonstrating the true solutions available to humanity in a time of crisis. Helios will be attractive for a global audience and a fun thrill ride popcorn movie," said Patricia A. Beninati, producer, writer, and president of Centerboro Productions.

ULA's Vulcan rocket's innovative technology transforms the future of launch, meeting the challenging requirements now demanded by an expanding spectrum of missions that are essential to U.S. national defense – from Low Earth Orbit to high-energy orbits. Satisfying those specifications means Vulcan is well-suited for commercial and civil markets, including launching dual-manifested payloads and missions across the solar system.

"We are happy to feature our new Vulcan rocket launch system in the Helios sci-fi movie, which will the match the urgency of a mission to save our planet, with ULA's track record in performing mission-critical launches with 100 percent success for its customers," said Tory Bruno, ULA's president and CEO. "Vulcan's superior reliability, cost and capability provides a solution for the nation's most critical need: reliable access to space. We are happy to highlight this crucial capability in the Helios Hollywood film."

"We were looking for a credible current space company to show-off its capabilities in launching a spaceplane plus crew in a moment of urgency in our Helios story," said executive producer Robert Feierbach. "ULA's Vulcan rocket system does exactly that, allowing the technology displayed in our Hollywood film production to be as realistic as possible, as our heroine-scientist flies to space to save our planet."

The film's producers are planning to disclose more details soon. Principal photography on the Helios movie is slated to begin in 2023.