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Brooksville, US, 17 Aug. 2023, 15:21 CEST
Florida's Haunted House Takes Center Stage in 'The Clock'

Victorian home in Brooksville stars in "The Clock" indie film, premiering on Aug. 27. Homeowner shares newfound appreciation for movie-making process. Visit http://theclockmovie.com for details.

A Victorian-style Florida home takes center stage in the upcoming indie film "The Clock," set to premiere on Sunday, Aug. 27. img#1
A Victorian-style Florida home takes center stage in the upcoming indie film "The Clock," set to premiere on Sunday, Aug. 27.

Florida's Haunted House Takes Center Stage in 'The Clock'

  • A Victorian style home in Brooksville is featured in a new indy film “The Clock,” which premieres Sunday, Aug. 27. For details, visit http://theclockmovie.com.

When Donna Maine Smith bought her house, she thought it would make the perfect location for a movie. On Sunday, Aug. 27, when Rick Danford’s horror film “The Clock” premieres, Smith’s vision will be a reality. For a preview, visit http://theclockmovie.com.

“I had no idea just how intense filming a movie would be,” Smith said. “As the homeowner, there were times it was stressful. There's no way to really describe it until you experience it. It gave me a whole new view of what it takes to make a movie and a profound appreciation for the crew—the real heroes of the industry.”

Official trailer for Rick Danford’s supernatural feature film, "The Clock."

For more about Smith and her background, visit https://www.dmaineart.com.

Danford’s new indy flick is about a demonic grandfather clock purchased by a young couple, Mike and Sara, portrayed by Shawn Ray and Aimee Rolfsen. When the couple brings the clock home, strange and frightening things start to happen.

Also starring in “The Clock” are David Siracusa as Father Brown, Alexis Baca as Evelyn, and Krista Grotte Saxon as Meg. Tickets are available at https://thecinema6.com.

How did the Smith’s 141-year-old Victorian style home end up being featured in a film?

“When a local actress and friend of mine posted to her Facebook page that they were looking for a unique location to shoot an independent horror film, I reached out to her and offered the house,” Smith said. “I knew it would be mayhem—but how could I not offer it?”

It should be noted that 2,019-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom—known as “The Weeks House”—is officially listed at HauntedHovel.com.

“The building is a family home built in the early part of the 1900s,” the website states. “The story goes that if you pass by late at night when the building is empty, you would see a candle passing by the windows on the second floor. Doors being slammed and whispers are also very common.”

Tickets for “The Clock” are available at https://thecinema6.com. The theater is located at 9510 US-19 in Port Richey, Florida, 34668.

“I saw snippets of the storyline—so, even I couldn't tell you any details beyond what they've already released,” said Smith. “I'm eager to see my home in the movie—something I know will be a surreal experience—and I'm looking forward to seeing the actual story in its entirety.”