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Study shows unexpected sources of motion and inventory waste reduce overall productivity in manufacturing facilities

Philadelphia, US, 05 Oct. 2022, 15:01 CEST
Study shows unexpected sources of motion and inventory waste reduce overall productivity in manufacturing facilities img#1

Improving productivity is key to maintaining peak performance of a manufacturing facility, and hinderances to operational productivity can often stem from unexpected – or unrecognized – obstacles. Finding hidden wastes to continuously improve can pose a challenge for manufacturers. However, research conducted by Tork, an Essity brand, reveals that a large number of machine operators are surprisingly interrupted at least 20 times during their workday by having to fetch or dispose of wiping and cleaning products. Furthermore, the study reveals that operators often take more wipers than needed to avoid these interruptions. In an effort to help companies combat waste, Tork has created the free Tork Motion Waste Calculator that allows companies to measure the impact of ineffective wiper placement.

Reducing waste in order to increase productivity is a core principle of Lean Manufacturing. Reductions in motion and inventory waste can come from unexpected places. As mentioned above, Tork conducted a study on this topic as part of its work to better understand these unknown sources of motion and inventory waste. The results show that when wipers are not conveniently placed, it can generate both motion and inventory waste, as well as cause stress among workers.

The study shows that:

  • 44% of machine operators are interrupted at least 20 times during a workday to walk and fetch or dispose of wipers.
  • 74% of machine operators take more wipers than needed for the task to avoid having to walk and fetch more each time.
  • 69% of machine operators state that they get stressed if they are interrupted in their work when having a lot to do.
  • 90% of machine operators say that if they were provided with professional industrial wipers close-by, it would help their workplace organization and work satisfaction.

Tork Performance® dispensing system - designed to fit every task
The solution to this productivity problem is to place wipers at the workstation so that machine operators don't have to stop what they're doing to fetch them. But as manufacturing environments are varied, it can be difficult to find a solution that fits every company. That's why Tork Performance® dispensers have been designed with a range of unique and flexible mounting options, allowing them to be placed where they are needed the most – within reach of the machine operator. This design feature effectively removes the root cause of the motion and inventory waste shown by the study.

"Thanks to our understanding of the manufacturing environment, we are in a position to not only help companies identify new sources of waste, but also to provide them with a solution to the problem. Our innovative products can help companies continuously improve by reducing motion and inventory waste," says Suzanne Serveiss, Regional Marketing Manager – Industry Segment.

New easy-to-use tool - Tork Motion Waste Calculator
In its efforts to support customers in their quest to reduce waste, Tork has developed a new easy-to-use tool: the Tork Motion Waste Calculator. This web-based tool will allow companies to get a quick understanding of how much the placement of dispensers really impacts productivity.