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Finally, A Solution For Houston' Retention Ponds To Become Safer: Solar Powered Streetlights

Houston, US, 11 Oct. 2022, 17:47 CEST
Finally, A Solution For Houston' Retention Ponds To Become Safer: Solar Powered Streetlights img#1

Retention Ponds in Houston are an essential tool in flood prevention. However, these same retention ponds have also become a safety risk to the communities that surround them, with several homicides and drownings reported in previous years throughout Houston. This lack of a safe environment partially stems from limitations of regulations, as on-grid lighting cannot be installed within the Harris County Flood Control Right-of-Way, and leaves the retention pond areas in darkness.

Houston-based solar street light producer EnGoPlanet tackles this problem by converting retention ponds into safer and secure areas of our communities. Last week, the company finalized its first project at a retention pond, where 12 smart solar powered streetlights were installed at Clay Rd Community. These off-the-grid solar street lights will not only provide illumination during the night, but will also be equipped with cameras for 24/7 video surveillance.

"This is just the beginning. Our goal is to illuminate as many retention ponds as possible in order to increase safety and security for our neighborhoods. We've created different financing programs that make acquiring off-grid lighting affordable and achievable for every community in Houston" said Petar Mirovic, CEO of EnGoPlanet.

Solar powered street lights are completely energy independent solutions. During the day solar panels produce clean energy that is than stored inside the battery. During the night that same battery powers the street light. These street light alternatives became more attractive in last couple of years as the cost of solar equipment became more affordable.

EnGoPlanet is a Houston based company that produce Smart Solar powered streetlights, Solar powered Bus Shelters and Smart Solar powered Benches.