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LG announces U.S. pricing & availability of new 2022 Cinebeam projectors

Englewood cliffs, US, 03 Aug. 2022, 12:48:00 GMT
LG announces U.S. pricing & availability of new 2022 Cinebeam projectors img#1LG announces U.S. pricing & availability of new 2022 Cinebeam projectors img#2

LG Electronics USA announced U.S. pricing and availability of its 2022 LG Ultra Short Throw CineBeam projector models, delivering immersive cinematic experiences that bring the home theater experience to a new level. The flagship HU915QE and HU915QB are each availa

These two CineBeam projectors are designed to produce a stunningly sharp 90-inch image when placed 5.6 centimeters from the wall or a massive 120-inch picture at a distance of 18.3 centimeters.1 The HU915QE and HU915QB combine advanced projection technology so users can enjoy sublime cinematic experiences at home without the need for a large space. The HU915QE boasts an impressive 3,700 ANSI lumens and an 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, with the HU915QB delivering 3,000 ANSI lumens. Utilizing LG's advanced, three-channel laser technology, which employs a separate light source for each primary (RGB) color, these new models offer vivid images even during the day compared to other conventional products with the single light source technology.2

The HU915QE and HU915QB models excel in delivering high quality movies and streaming content by using HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping, which analyzes and adjusts image brightness in every single frame. LG's Brightness Optimizer II further elevates the new CineBeam projector's performance by automatically adjusting brightness levels to a room's ambient light conditions, creating a vivid picture quality that users can enjoy in a variety of different lighting. To make the pictures even more detailed, the Adaptive Contrast feature adjusts the projector's light sources to provide a superb contrast for each individual scene.

ble via for $5,999 and $6,499 respectively.

Making the perfect choice for movie lovers looking to widen their content choices, the new CineBeam models come equipped withLG's intuitive webOS smart platform so users can enjoy all their favorite shows from streaming services3such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube and Apple TV. Users also have the option to wirelessly stream content via Screen Mirroring, Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.4Furthering, its built-in 2.2 Channel, 40W speaker elevates every viewing experience with a strong, rich audio. Users can achieve a more powerful and theater-like surround sound by easily connecting up to two LG Bluetooth speakers at the same time.5

The new CineBeam models are the perfect stylish addition for any room due to its eco-friendly 'Re-wool' designed by renowned Danish textile company, Kvadrat. The material is made from 45 percent recycled wool and has been a favorite of design- and sustainability-conscious companies worldwide. The HU915QE's muted, natural color portrays a clean design that blends perfectly with luxurious home interiors. Suited for darker room decor, the HU915QB model coats a black finish with a premium gray fabric accent.