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HistoryDAO Declares A New Era A People's History w/ $1M Investment, NFTs Are Power To The People

New York, US, 29 Aug. 2022, 04:13:00 GMT
HistoryDAO Declares A New Era A People's History w/ $1M Investment, NFTs Are Power To The People img#1

HistoryDAO, in development since the fall of 2021, has steadily grown its investment capital to over $1M while building the fundamental infrastructure for bonding moments in history through non-fungible tokens. The goal is a way to record history with the input of those who experience it.

NFTs are here to stay, literally and figuratively. In the literal sense, they are famously indelible. So long as the Internet exists, any NFT on a bonafide blockchain, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, remains indestructible and unalterable. In the figurative sense, humanity will be forever compelled by this fact. NFTs may rise and fall in popularity, but essential work on the fundamental powers of NFTs will never cease. The social and economic role of NFTs in the world will continually develop.

History will forever be recorded. The difference now is that it can be recorded indelibly on blockchain networks in the form of NFTs. This is an opportunity to get closer to the truth by rewarding those who speak up and engage the discussion while putting it out of the reach of censors and powerful centralized interests. Once an NFT is minted, it can't be unminted.

HistoryDAO is building a platform to leverage this unique property of NFTs and combine it with the decentralized consensus mechanisms of blockchains, which can be applied to form "decentralized autonomous organizations," or DAOs. Thanks to decentralized consensus, DAOs can form governance structures that avoid critical concentrations of power.

DAO community governance can nurture connections between people in the form of uncensored talks, salons, and discussions. Such are the origins of modern universities, which trace their ancestry to the time of Plato.

The world is full of "alternative facts," and it's nothing new. There has never been uniform agreement on anything. What's new may be the unprecedented effort on the part of various institutions and media to separate true from false, through fact checking and censorship. The issue is worthy of the world's attention.

High profile news coverage and buyout battles have brought unprecedented awareness to the issue most recently. But epic contests for control are symptoms of a broken system that cannot repair itself from within. The solution is not about who owns the platform. The solution is about whether platforms should be centrally owned at all.

HistoryDAO's answer is that they should not, and we're using the power blockchain and NFTs to undo and reverse the trend of centralization and consolidation in public discourse.