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RAD Intelligence (RAD AI) Signs One Year Deal with Guac, the Financial App

Los Angeles, US, 31 Aug. 2022, 12:55:00 GMT
RAD Intelligence (RAD AI) Signs One Year Deal with Guac, the Financial App img#1

RAD Intelligence (RAD AI) and Guac today announced a strategic partnership to help drive Guac's awareness and user growth. RAD's AI EQ platform will analyze personas and create content across the Guac marketing mix helping to acquire new users.

RAD AI will enlist Maya (its AI technology) to scan hundreds of millions of pages across the web to inform the creation of content that resonates with both current and potential Guac users. By blending the magic of storytelling with the mastery of AI, RAD AI will help Guac design authentic, inclusive marketing content for today's challenging, modern marketplace. The content will be featured across paid media, captioned videos, web pages, blogs and emails. This will enable Guac to (1) educate users on its novel offering (2) engage with diverse users on a personalized level and (3) drive new users to sign up for the app.

While many American find it difficult to save, Guac makes it easier for its users to save while they spend toward their goals. Guac connects to any debit or credit card and allows users to set aside money per transaction that can be used on whatever they like. This is known as Guac's Auto-Tip technology & allows Guac users to automatically tip themselves on everyday purchases. Users spend money as they would normally, saving $100-$1000/per month –and those funds can be used anyway the user chooses. Guac already has 80,000 users on their platform, adding 4,000 users every month.

Jeremy Barnett, Rad Intelligence's Chief Executive Officer said: "We're excited to partner with Guac because they're revolutionizing the way people save. In the US we realize people need to find creative ways to save and we love the idea that our AI and the Guac app can help make a positive impact. We're excited to use Maya to get the word out so that people can start reaching their saving goals, easier and faster."

Ryan Armstrong, Guac's President said: "We have built something unique that we believe everyone around the nation can benefit from and we can't wait to have RAD AI help us get the word out about the app. RAD AI provides an immediate solution by allowing us to speak directly to our diverse customer base. We're excited to get Maya's help to create content that lands with our diverse current and potential users. We believe Maya is going to open doors to new audiences and get the Guac app into the hands of many more people so that they can save with ease."