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Front Finance
San Francisco, US, 14 Sep. 2022, 15:14 CEST
Front Launches API Platform to be the Plaid of Crypto and DeFi

Front is now offering the Front API to emerging FinTechs to further democratize access to financial services and user assets.

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Front Launches API Platform to be the Plaid of Crypto and DeFi

Front, a company offering emerging FinTechs real-time access to investment portfolios and hassle-free crypto transfers across exchanges, launches Front API on Product Hunt.

Front allows emerging FinTech companies access to a unique network of 250+ global integrations with brokerages and exchanges. Front API has been in stealth mode since July 2022, and already has paying customers on production.

While access to traditional financial service providers was democratized through Open Banking and other standards, there is no API that can address modern needs such as digital asset transfer and cross-exchange execution for emerging FinTechs and DeFi companies. With the launch of its B2B services, Front plans to address these modern needs for the emerging FinTechs.

Front is the key to unlocking connectivity for Crypto, DeFi, and investment accounts. "We have been using our API since the launch of the Front App in late 2020, and realized how beneficial it would be to allow other FinTechs to have access to their user accounts like they never had before," says Front Founder and CEO Bam Azizi. "Because we enable access to execution and crypto asset transfer across exchanges and crypto platforms, we came to the realization that we can help FinTechs increase their AUM and revenue immediately."

By giving other companies access to Front's comprehensive API, Front can power the next wave of FinTech companies, such as DeFi, DAO, Lending Services, Brokerages, and more.

Dara Rahimzadeh, VP of Partnerships at Front, says the use of Front's APIs allows for a long look behind the curtain, to see just how powerful the API's are for B2B customers. "When I joined Front full-time, I saw a great consumer app built upon even better tech. Looking at the FinTech landscape in the U.S. alone gives us an addressable market of over 10,000 companies who can build modern, sticky FinTech apps on top of the Front API platform".