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GMT Token Creates Special NFT Series

Singapore, SG, 29 Sep. 2022, 15:03 CEST
GMT Token Creates Special NFT Series img#1

GMT has launched an NFT project called the "The Greedy Machines." The team decided to present the idea of an NFT from a completely different angle by creating an NFT art project: a set of mining machine images backed by computing power.

Users will be prompted to exchange GMT for NFTs, in the form of a miner, backed by computing power that allows them to receive bitcoin rewards. To activate NFTs in the game, users need to attach the purchased NFTs to a personal account. Players will be able to build their own mining farm: from mining devices, storage shelves, immersion baths, and further progressing to containers and huge data centers. Each player will be able to evolve from a novice miner with one device to the head of a mining empire.

The Greedy Machines project at its core encourages community involvement. Holders can invite their friends. Each invited individual and the participant themselves will receive a promo code for an additional reward in bitcoin. Players can also perform service maintenance on equipment. The more often a participant enters their personal account and performs equipment maintenance, the more they will receive various bonuses.

Since GMT Token is about sustainability, special "green" miners will be available. The proceeds from the sale of these devices will go to charitable foundations aimed at developing sustainable energy. The philosophy of HODL is at the heart of NFT ownership. The longer a player owns and does not sell an NFT, the more additional bonuses they receive.

The project's primary goals are to create a community of miners, to make mining easier by attracting lovers of beautiful visual forms and works of art.

The Greedy Machines NFTs can be bought for GMT tokens and are available on the GMT marketplace.