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Future of Web3: XT.COM VIP AMA Successfully Held to Celebrate the Grand Opening of XT.COM 4th Anniversary

Singapore, SG, 30 Sep. 2022, 10:59 CEST
Future of Web3: XT.COM VIP AMA Successfully Held to Celebrate the Grand Opening of XT.COM 4th Anniversary img#1

XT.COM, the world's first socially infused trading platform has announced the Company's 4th Anniversary Celebration recently. As a part of the grand celebrations, XT.COM hosted a VIP AMA session on social media platforms including YouTube and LinkedIn to reach out to the social communities connected with XT.COM at 11:00 (UTC) on 26th September, 2022.

The topic of VIP AMA session was 'Future of Web3', and the show was hosted by Warin Albin Charles, the Global Ecosystem Director of XT.COM. The AMA was shared by Jesus Rodriguez (CEO, IntoTheBlock), Bobby Lee (Founder and CEO, Ballet wallet), Sebastian Bode (Director of Engineering, Cardano Foundation), and Erich Wong (Head of Growth, Sandbox).

Deep Dive into the Development of Web3

As almost every sector is expected to adopt Web3 blockchain technology in their operations in the next decade, Web3 will completely transform the existing conventional processes of the different sectors.

Sharing the same perspective of seeing Web3 as an enhancer focusing on greater engagement and connectivity, XT.COM founded in 2018 is built from a desire to give users access to digital assets regardless where you are.

Currently, XT.COM ranks TOP 30 on CoinMarketCap and has introduced more than 500 digital assets and 800 trading pairs for large market cap coins, DeFi tokens, NFTs, Metaverse-related projects, and many new assets via XT.COM Main Zone and Innovation Zone.

"Inspired by the masterpiece science-fiction series, Foundation, written by Isaac Asimov that is a peep into the future of technological development, XT.COM intends to move to the next level by offering the users a futuristic trading experience with its handy features and services. " Warin Albin Charles, Global Ecosystem Director of XT.COM said.

Following the trends that Web3 is becoming attractive to many entrepreneurs and investors, many solutions have been related to the blockchain.

"The sole mission of IntoTheBlock is to create financial services that combine the programmability of the crypto assets with everything that's happening in the machine learning space. " Jesus Rodriguez, CEO of IntoTheBlock stated.

As one of the largest institutions in crypto, IntoTheBlock is developing institutional investors in the DeFi space with the help of artificial intelligence and analytical features that can guide the user with informational data, tracking and analysis. This will also offer proper risk management guidance to the potential investors.

There are a few people who do not support the transition to Web3, believing that technologies do not provide complete security and safety of personal data, like Web2. However, the truth is that concept of Web3 implies data ownership and decentralized control.

Bobby Lee, Founder and CEO of Ballet said: "With our extensive experience in crypto and in running an exchange, Ballet is trying to solve the security issue that people are concerned about. "

As the world's easiest-to-use hardware wallet for cold storage for users, Ballet targets and aims to capture new users who generally prefer centralized systems that are secure, where users have control over the private keys. Another key feature of the product is that it facilitates diversified storage, so that a single hack will not affect all the assets of a user.

Stepping Into the Future of Web3

Moving forward, the different rules and guidelines with Web3 for implementing decentralization would develop the trust of users regarding decentralized control over user experiences and data identity.

"Cardano looks forward to the next era called Voltaire which is focused on real decentralization of governance processes to offer the best experience to the communities associated with it." Sebastian Bode, Director of Engineering at Cardano Foundation said.

Besides, the features of Vasil hard fork project are expected to improve the performance, scalability and reliability of Plutus, the native smart contracting programming language of Cardano blockchain.

Web3 sees the upgrade as something more than cryptocurrencies, which will be possible to create a world where the focus will be on people and their relationships with each other, and this will positively affect business, technological development, and private ideas.

As Erich Wong, Head of Growth at Sandbox shared in the AMA, the new metaverse project of Sandbox called the Alpha Season 3 featured 90+ unique playable experiences in 10 weeks with 13 avatar collections to attract the metaverse enthusiasts.

"Sandbox enhances the ecosystem by providing the most innovative gaming experience to the mass by allowing the users to register and play for free. The users can create their own digital assets and develop their own games using this cool feature. The project is also a collaborative effort to expand user-generated content in the global ecosystem. " Erich said.

With each of the products being ready to address the future with better performance and usability, the digital future seems promising to the masses and those who are new to the world of crypto. The best part of the session was that each project had a lot to offer to the layman, making the future of Web3 a better place to be in terms of technology and creativity.

The Future Landscape of XT.COM

XT.COM provides users the opportunity to connect with each other with minimal UX difficulties, ensuring an elite trading experience on a secure platform accessible anywhere.

Since last year, the product line of XT.COM has expanded to include 6 more unique services beyond the initial XT Labs and XT Smartchain (XSC): XT Incubator, XT Starter, XT Futures, XT NFT, XT Academy, and XT News. Each product addresses different needs of different users.

New products are already in the works. XT.COM will keep rolling forward and strive for more secure, professional, efficient and transparent financial digital assets services and products for users all around the globe.

On this 4th anniversary occasion, XT.COM will be having multiple special events including AMAs, lucky draws, staking activities and airdrops for celebratory purposes.

A series of exclusive AMAs within-depth thoughts will be held and shared soon.