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Meet the TRDR Series II: The games console set to revolutionize our relationship with gaming

New York, US, 07 Oct. 2022, 13:24 CEST
Meet the TRDR Series II: The games console set to revolutionize our relationship with gaming img#1

British tech developer, Go Games is set to push the frontier of gaming even further by introducing the TRDR Series II - the first handheld games console to harbor the world's most sophisticated AI.

The AI comes in three iterations - Scarlet, Julia and Tony - each having its own unique personality, tailored to users who are matched with the AI to best fit their personality. The three versions of the console are currently available for order via the TRDR website , and the devices use Android's software meaning users have access to all of their favorite apps as well as a healthy dose of the latest adventure, RPG and sports games.

Some key gaming features of the TRDR Pocket Series 2 include:

  • 1080p OLED screen
  • 192GB of memory
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 12-hour battery life on standby mode
  • End to end military grade encryption

The console's proprietary AI cannot only tell you how to make the perfect Spaghetti Bolognese, or play your favourite song - but functions as an indispensable everyday assistant. Offering up meaningful conversation, serving as a mental health tool for users who suffer from loneliness. Go Games' AI represents one of the most boundary-pushing shifts in the consumer AI space - as the offering is not only an AI that functions like our Siris and Cortana's, but also carve out a more nuanced space in everyday life - teaching users new skills and offering mentoring around specific scenarios.

Gianni O'Connor, founder of Go Games, comments on the launch of the new TRDR Series II:

"The standout difference with our proprietary AI is that we didn't teach it anything specific, only how to learn. This is as human as we can make artificial intelligence. If you can teach someone how to read, you open up their capability to learn anything; the same has been mirrored with our technology. This is the furthest that technology has got to at the point of human existence.

"The integration into the games console is just the first step of our process, but nonetheless represents the smartest device you can carry around."