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Robot Vacuum with Dreame Technology's latest Obstacle Avoidance Technology will be available in Europe October

Beijing, CN, 17 Oct. 2022, 13:19 CEST
Robot Vacuum with Dreame Technology's latest Obstacle Avoidance Technology will be available in Europe October img#1

As robot vacuum cleaners are getting increasingly popular in the market, indicators such as suction power and runtime are commonly considered in choosing products. However, the ability to detect and avoid obstacles is overlooked. According to Dreame Technology's market research, one of the top pain points of the current robot vacuum is getting stuck due to objects like cables and slippers.

DreameBot L10s Pro has successfully solved this problem through its advanced obstacle avoidance technology. Equipped with 3D structured light and a self-developed SLAM algorithm, DreameBot L10s Pro uses high-precision obstacle avoidance technology to identify and avoid obstacles of lower height, like shoes and blocks, and also prevent collision with higher height obstacles, like table legs and chair legs. Precise mapping technology also enables it to check the room's condition, allowing it to handle unexpected issues like spills.

L10s Pro has also improved its response to different floor conditions. L10s Pro is equipped with stronger vacuuming capabilities and hardware than the L10 Pro. With 5,300Pa of suction pressure, rubber brushes, and a 450mL large dust collection box, L10s Pro has robust cleaning capabilities, particularly in regards to hair — a huge benefit for families with pets. Compared to the L10 Pro, the L10s Pro's mops have also been upgraded to enable it to handle more complex hard floor cleaning. There are two rotary mops on the bottom of L10s Pro that spin at high speeds to provide impressive scrubbing. And with a 190mL detachable water tank, L10s Pro can cover a larger cleaning area than it's predecessor. Finally, ultrasonic sensing enables it to accurately identify rugs and carpets and keep them dry by raising its mop pads.

Unlike the L10s Ultra, L10s Pro is a standalone product and is not compatible with the base station of L10s Ultra.

DreameBot L10s Pro will be available on Amazon from October 25 with a price of €599. Buyers can enjoy a €100 discount until November 7.