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Earth Wallet releases NFTree Seed Program to Plant One Million Trees at Climate Change Forum

London, GB, 18 Oct. 2022, 11:02 CEST
Earth Wallet releases NFTree Seed Program to Plant One Million Trees at Climate Change Forum img#1

Starting today, up to 100,000 new and existing Earth Wallet users will be eligible to claim an NFTree in partnership with esteemed non-profit partners Dollar Donation Club and Trees for the Future . Each NFTree will represent one tree planted, which also captures approximately 15.5lbs CO2/year, creates 3.75lbs of organic produce, and restores 16 sq. ft. of soil.

Trees for the Future's Forest Garden initiative trains communities on sustainable land use so they can grow vibrant economies, thriving food systems, and a healthier planet. Agroforestry systems incorporate trees to protect the land, improve the soil, and increase harvests. As opposed to the monocropping approach, Forest Garden systems provide homes for a diverse array of plant species, including food, resource, and medicinal crops- allowing farming families to improve their nutrition and stabilize their income.

"Most reforestation projects typically lack the right incentives to maintain tree growth long enough to be a viable climate solution. The systemic solutions approach that Dollar Donation Club and Trees for the Future are taking really stands out from the crowd."

- Sukhveer Sanghera, Founder of Earth Wallet

This new NFTree program will be presented at the 2022 Climate Change Forum in London on October 18th, in partnership with Humans I Trust .

Earth Wallet is the first eco-friendly, free, open source, and non-custodial digital asset wallet that can hold and stake cryptocurrencies and digital assets across multiple blockchains. Earth Wallet is committed to bridging the gap between nature, culture, and technology. It is the first Ethereum staking wallet developed with the mission to offset crypto's harmful ecological impacts by partnering with organizations providing viable climate solutions.

CC Forum will take place October 17-20th at the Dorchester Hotel in London. CC Forum brings together startups, global investment funds, VC capital firms, government officials and public figures to brainstorm ways in which to confront current crises. The forum addresses topics such as Climate Change, Clean Energy, Government Strategies, Impact Investment, Emerging Technologies, Philanthropy and Social Inclusion.

Humans I Trust is a global, private membership community that connects creators and influencers to network, educate and collaborate while building a regenerative future for humanity. Humans I Trust seeks to proactively take a stand for social and environmental justice through business, events, and humanitarianism.