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Taoping Launches State-of-the-Art Rest Station; New Solution Combines Technology, Portability, Flexibility and Cleanliness

Hong Kong, HK, 04 Nov. 2022, 14:45 CEST
Taoping Launches State-of-the-Art Rest Station; New Solution Combines Technology, Portability, Flexibility and Cleanliness img#1

Taoping Inc. (NASDAQ: TAOP, the "Company" or "Taoping") today announced the formal launch of a new state-of-the-art rest station solution, a program backed by a government trial mandate. The Company's new smart rest station solution combines technology, portability, flexibility and cleanliness to boost smart city development. Taoping's new solution integrates its three core businesses: intelligent cloud service, advertising media operation and smart business display systems, to create an all-new smart rest station solution with modular and mobile space features.

Taoping's new smart rest station combines prefabricated public toilets with multiple functional rooms suitable for clean, routine usage of individuals and families with different needs and scenarios. With its unique and novel appearance, as well as its flexible and rich function area layouts, the smart rest station is quickly winning the favor of Taoping's partners and the market. Adopting the Company's state-of-the-art smart rest station solution, with its highly sanitary, energy efficient and humanized design, can solve widespread toilet construction problems, high-cost consumables, and disposal, to improve overall quality and experience, and better ensure compliance with environmental protection standards.

Mr. Lin Jianghuai, Chairman and CEO of Taoping, said, "We are pleased to launch this new solution which is backed by government trial mandate in an effort to provide greater access to clean facilities as a public service. The government has made clear its support for providing greater access to clean rest stations in cities across China given the under met need. We view this as another application, which can leverage our vast experience in providing display solutions in high-traffic areas, like elevators and malls. We spent a lot of time talking with potential partners and customers to better understand both the challenges and to gather ideas. We realized we could leverage Taoping's Smart Cloud advertising and display solutions and years spent developing local networks, to potentially capture a meaningful share of this large market over the long-term, while providing a much needed solution to our customers and consumers."

"With cities reopening, routine outdoor and tourist traffic is quickly returning to much higher, normal levels mirroring the ongoing recovery in both large and small cities. Based on the reopening trends, we plan to first target busy business areas and tourist scenic spots in South China and other places, as we work to quickly meet unmet demand for public services in these areas. After that, we plan to take full advantage of the nationwide networks of our city partners and established relationships with local governments and communities, striving to promote the smart rest stations in additional cities, transportation hubs, greenway parks, tourist scenic spots, core business areas and other high-value high-flow places."

Mr. Lin continued, "The smart rest station market represents a large, established, totally additive greenfield opportunity for Taoping and is in line with our ongoing Smart City initiatives. We will continue to combine the digitalization rhythm of various fields, make full use of our strong technology track record, and give full play to the resource advantages of the city partner network, focusing on the Company's digital business format and transformation, as well as building a more solid business foundation."