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Oxford, GB, 04 Nov. 2022, 16:04 CEST
Tutors International Announces its Collaboration with Kabuni, the Revolutionary Metaverse Education Platform for Children

Education industry expert, Adam Caller, announces Tutors International's collaboration with Kabuni, in a groundbreaking interactive platform which provides children with an immersive and engaging 3D learning environment.

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Tutors International Announces its Collaboration with Kabuni, the Revolutionary Metaverse Education Platform for Children

Adam Caller, education consultant, CEO and founder of elite private tutoring company, Tutors International, is excited to announce his company's recent collaboration with immersive technology experts, Kabuni Metaverse.

Kabuni offers a safe Metaverse for children, ages 8-16, to learn, grow and explore. Designed and co-produced with educators and world-leading education experts, Kabuni provides an evidence-based methodology for children to enter the Metaverse, prioritising the safe, responsible use of emerging technology, specifically for pedagogical innovation, to meet the learning needs of each individual student.

Uniquely, every learning experience in the Kabuni Metaverse is delivered live, in real-time, and facilitated by an expert educator offering fully immersive and embodied learning within 3D digital experiences to unlock the imaginations of both the educator and student.

"As the world takes the inevitable leap into the Metaverse and explores the benefits of immersive learning, tutors will have many more effective tools in these embodied environments to teach learners beyond the flat screen. In person education can never be replaced but with post COVID requirements for hybrid learning, the Metaverse offers an unrivalled experience for remote learners and online tutors," explains Nimesh Patel, Founder and CEO of Kabuni.

Adam Caller Endorses Kabuni

Mr Caller describes how he became interested in what Kabuni could offer to learners after they met at the Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum in London:

"I was first approached with an initial enquiry about whether our tutors, with their vast experience and knowledge, would be able to provide content for Kabuni. I have always been a staunch opponent of online tutoring, considering it vastly inferior to face-to-face teaching, so, at first, I was sceptical. The pandemic showed us that online tutoring was a practical alternative to face-to-face teaching, albeit second best, but subsequently, we have discovered marked educational and social deficits in those tutored online during Covid-19. Children are behind, not only in educational content, but are lacking the competencies picked up in the classroom such as methodology, study skills and social interaction. Whilst catching up with content can easily be rectified by tutoring, the skills learned in a classroom-setting will take years to remedy."

Mr Caller continues: "After learning more, it became clear to me that Kabuni is truly striving for innovation in education. It is undoubtedly the best alternative to a classroom-based education, and, in many respects, will enhance the educational experience for children around the world. Together, Tutors International and Kabuni Metaverse offer an impactful solution that can support a child's learning by integrating the best of both private tuition and technological innovation."

The world has exponentially changed with groundbreaking innovation across many industries, while the education sector has stood still. Kabuni is focused on defining a safe new immersive digital education category that empowers parents, carers, educators, and content creators to scale engaging and healthy immersive learning experiences for children.

Mr Caller elaborates on the benefits of the platform:

"The child's online learning experience will mirror much of what they would experience in a classroom setting with the added awe and wonder of immersive embodied learning and minimal distraction. Learning that will take a child deep into their subject matter, bringing rich and colourful variety to the traditional classroom/homeschool setting. Having been fortunate enough to trial the platform myself, I can attest to the fact that the rest of the world disappears when you are immersed in Kabuni's educational virtual environment. A child has the ability to make improved academic outcomes. Much of the value is that the learning objective can be reinforced in less time and with much more creativity than it could be in a traditional classroom environment."

Effectiveness of Kabuni's Metaverse

The fact that Kabuni created their platform with the help of experts in their field has impressed Mr Caller. He asserts:

"An important factor in my endorsement of Kabuni was learning that experts in the field of psychology and education had been consulted when creating this platform. Psychological assessment is an important part of experimental research. When dealing with online immersion, the first thing that springs to mind is the fear of addiction. As the world takes the inevitable leap into the Metaverse, parents and educators all have a moral duty to safeguard generations of children that will eventually be fully immersed in the 3D Web 3.0 (the Metaverse). Research into games like 'Fortnite' has dominated headlines for some time and naturally that's going to be of concern to users. However, doctoral level research has underpinned every step in the creation of this platform so I, and others, are reassured by its non-harmful psychological validity. Kabuni offers an integrated hardware, software and content Web3 platform for children to make this a reality, in a safe environment that parents can trust. Added to this, the content creation is generated by our expert tutors, ensuring educational credibility and reliability."

Tutors International: World's Best Tutors

Mr Caller is also keen to point out that Tutors International were the first company to be approached by Kabuni:

"It doesn't matter how good a platform is if the content is poor. The fact that Tutors International was chosen to collaborate with Kabuni, shows the recognition we have in our industry for providing the world's best tutors. Tutors International has quality of content as its backbone and that's why our recruitment process is so rigorous. This ensures the high-quality service, academic excellence, and bespoke matches that set Tutors International apart and which guarantee that our tutors deliver only the best quality lessons to their students."