Los Angeles, US, 10 Nov. 2022, 16:22 CEST
Just in Time for the Holidays: Jointly Announces Matches for Cannabis Discovery

Jointly, the cannabis discovery company, today announced the introduction of Jointly Matches, a first-of-its-kind, goal-based, data-driven cannabis shopping list builder for the modern cannabis consumer.

The Jointly app img#1
The Jointly app

Just in Time for the Holidays: Jointly Announces Matches for Cannabis Discovery

"Many consumers feel overwhelmed by the vast number of choices when shopping for cannabis," said David Kooi, Jointly's Co-Founder and CEO. "Jointly Matches provides consumers with a framework for an effective and empowering shopping experience. It introduces consumers to the best performing products for their goals, leading to better outcomes for the consumer, and for the retailer as well."

Matches is available for free on Jointly's website and mobile iOS and Android applications.

Using Jointly Matches, consumers select from 12 goals that comprehensively cover the reasons why people consume cannabis: Relax & refresh, Relieve everyday stress, Improve sleep, Energize & uplift, Ease everyday pain, Enjoy social experiences, Focus, Create, Exercise, Stimulate appetite, Enhance intimacy, Exercise recovery.

"Jointly Matches recommends the products that are performing the best. No brand, grower, or manufacturer can pay for better ratings or to be a better match. Using Matches, consumers can be confident that they're making purchase decisions for the right reasons. Based on what is working the best for the reasons why they consume," explains Kooi.

The data powering the product recommendations is provided by Jointly's mobile app, where hundreds of thousands of consumers reflect on their cannabis consumption and rate products for effectiveness, taste, and aroma.

The goal-based product matching algorithm considers product ratings, the customer's goal and product category preferences, cannabinoid content, strain, and more.

"Consumers soon will be able to convert their personalized shopping lists into shopping carts, and then send these carts directly to their favorite local dispensary. Further, empowering in-store retail personnel with product performance data will strengthen and deepen the consumer-budtender-retailer relationship," adds Eric Gutshall, Jointly's Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer.

The release of Matches follows Jointly's recently published Theory of Purposeful Cannabis Consumption, in which Kooi dismantles the stigma against cannabis, with data. Kooi: "We know that cannabis, consumed purposefully, makes you more, not less. By building the industry's first experience-based platform for purposeful consumption, we now have the data that proves it."