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The AAA GameFi MMORPG Bless Global will Airdrop Badge NFTs to Steam Users

Seoul, KR, 11 Nov. 2022, 07:01 CEST
Claim the limited Bless Global Badge NFT img#1
Claim the limited Bless Global Badge NFT

The AAA GameFi MMORPG Bless Global announced that it will airdrop badge NFTs to one billion Steam users, motivating Web 2.0 players to set their sights on Web 3.0 GameFi. PocketBuff is the official NFT transaction platform of Bless Global. According to the age of their Steam accounts, players will get exclusive Bless Global Badge NFTs of the corresponding level after downloading the PocketBuff app and binding their Steam accounts. They can use the badge to claim items and NFTs in the game and have a chance to get airdropped rewards. Download PocketBuff Wallet:

All Steam users can claim an exclusive Bless Global Badge, which is not for sale. The rewards will vary based on the account registration date. Users who have held their Steam accounts for less than one year will receive a Storm-Eye Badge. Those who have had the accounts for one to three years will receive a Thunderstorm Badge and a pet NFT. As for players with accounts older than three years, a Rainstorm Badge and a mount NFT will be airdropped. These badges and NFTs will bring advanced benefits in the future, including VIP PASS airdrops, in-game NFTs and items, privileges to join exclusive events, and token airdrops. Please follow the Bless Global community for future updates.