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Vermillio unveils first Generative AI platform that allows creators to style, own and track their digital creations

Chicago, US, 15 Nov. 2022, 18:01 CEST
1940s Street Artist by Vintage Comics, Vermillio img#1
1940s Street Artist by Vintage Comics, Vermillio
Trace ID for Warrior Queen, Vermillio img#2
Trace ID for Warrior Queen, Vermillio
Warrior Queen Preparing for Battle by Action Figures, Vermillio img#3
Warrior Queen Preparing for Battle by Action Figures, Vermillio

Vermillio, a one-of-a-kind Generative AI platform, today launched its initial set of AI-powered text-to-image and image-to-image styling tools and lineage tracing technology.

Vermillio's unique offering of personally created, owned and authenticated AI-generated content is already democratizing creativity and redefining the future of licensing. The platform is collaborating with prominent artists to build personalized text-to-image and image-to-image styles as a new medium for their work. It is also working with the rights holders of the world's most loved IP to develop immersive AI-generated content experiences for fans.

Secured with its proprietary blockchain technology, AI-generated content created on Vermillio's platform is authenticated – allowing its lineage to be traced back to its creators. Vermillio is the first platform to allow creators to exercise control over how their work is used, granting permission and receiving proper attribution and compensation.

"We have worked for two years to build a platform that will accelerate the growth of the creator economy to billions of people," said Dan Neely, Co-Founder & CEO of Vermillio. "Vermillio makes it easy for anyone and everyone to create and own personalized content. Our platform enables individualized experiences to replace mass-produced content. This presents limitless experience for users and fans for whom immersive world building is now a reality. Vermillio empowers creators to inspire, create and own the content of the future."

Vermillio opens beta access to its platform today with the release of eleven Vermillio style engines including Action Figures and Vintage Comics for creative experimentation.

Join Vermillio's waitlist today to develop your own authenticated AI-generated content.