Miami, US, 01 Mar. 2023, 15:00 CEST
First-Ever Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Coming to Miami in May 2023

The Bitcoin Builders Conference Will Cover Core Development, L2 ecosystems, and Ordinals

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First-Ever Bitcoin Layer 2 Conference Coming to Miami in May 2023

A consortium of Bitcoin leaders across core development, Layer 2s, ordinals, and more are launching the first-ever Bitcoin Builders Conference, a layer-agnostic event dedicated to supporting and showcasing Bitcoin innovation and the growth of the Bitcoin app economy.

The one-day premium event will take place on May 17, the day before the Bitcoin 2023 conference kicks off, in downtown Miami at Ice Palace Studios. Tickets go on sale April 7, and you can sign up for a reminder at BitcoinBuildersConf.com.

"Bitcoin layers and innovators have long contributed creative technical solutions to extend Bitcoin's functionality without changing Bitcoin itself or compromising its security or decentralization," said Alex Miller, CEO of Bitcoin developer tools company Hiro, one of the event organizers. "This conference will be the first time these groups will be under one roof to reconnect the world with the original vision of Bitcoin, and showcase all of the innovation and progress happening on Bitcoin."

The event will offer workshops, keynotes, networking opportunities and — immediately preceding the event — a developer hackathon. The conference agenda will feature stories from developers and Bitcoin product experts as well as use cases and lessons learned from building on the most secure, most trusted, most well-known blockchain: Bitcoin. Conference tracks will focus on such topics as

  • Building on Bitcoin L2s
  • Supporting Bitcoin core development
  • Getting started with ordinals
  • Unlocking Bitcoin DeFi
  • Bitcoin Security

Sign up to be notified once registration goes live here: https://www.bitcoinbuildersconf.com/