London, GB, 15 Mar. 2023, 14:00 CEST
Reincubate extends Camo's video-enhancing magic to webcams, built-in cameras, and connected mirrorless, DSLR or action cameras

Reincubate adds more picture-perfecting tools to Camo Studio's robust feature set, including best-in-class background effects, powerful lighting correction, creative filters and new next-gen capabilities like Spotlight and Auto framing.

Reincubate extends Camo's video-enhancing magic to webcams, built-in cameras, and connected mirrorless, DSLR or action cameras img#1

Reincubate extends Camo's video-enhancing magic to webcams, built-in cameras, and connected mirrorless, DSLR or action cameras

Reincubate, makers of Camo, today announced the release of Camo 2. For the first time, Camo supports webcams, built-in cameras, Continuity Camera, mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and action cams, enabling users everywhere to improve and customise their video. Users have access to a sweeping array of Camo Studio's new and existing features, along with full 4K support for webcams and dedicated cameras, with hardware acceleration for AMD, Apple Silicon, Intel, and NVIDIA. The new capabilities packed into Camo 2 include enhanced background effects like Portrait mode's best-in-class bokeh, Replace's virtual green screen, Spotlight's lighting correction, and Privacy's diffuse blur, as well as cinematic filters (LUTs) and Auto framing's smooth face tracking.

"Today Camo makes the leap from being a tool to make the most of your phone's camera, to one that gives whatever camera you have a set of amazing new, next-gen features and capabilities," said Aidan Fitzpatrick, CEO of Reincubate. "If you're not happy with the video you're getting out of your device, Camo will improve it. If you can connect it to your PC or Mac, Camo will support it. And if you want to capture and perfect 4K video from your webcam or DSLR, Camo will handle it. Camo 2 is here to deliver on our commitment to empower more and more people to stand out with amazing video."

The best video, on any device, for everybody

Camo began as a tool for Mac users to get pro-level video by harnessing the advanced optics in their iPhones. While adding features and holding true to an ethos of clean, intuitive interfaces paired with stability and powerful functionality that 'just works,' its compatibility expanded to the Windows platform, and then to Android phones.

With this new release, Camo's capabilities are extended to thousands of new devices, giving users an unprecedented level of control over any built-in or connected camera. Whether capturing video with a 4K @ 60 fps webcam or a decades-old model, they can dramatically improve it by reframing their shot, correcting poor light, introducing greater depth, and recovering more accurate, vibrant colour with the adjustments sliders. If they're using a DSLR, mirrorless or other more advanced camera, Camo can augment its functionality with additional capabilities like Auto framing, while also boosting colour, applying creative filters and overlays, and perfecting bokeh. It enables direct 4K output for 4K webcams and dedicated cameras, and even supports Continuity Camera, giving iPhone users much greater control over the quality of their video, with superior background effects and light correction. The Camo 2 launch blog features visuals that demonstrate exactly how Camo dramatically improves video quality, across a number of popular webcams and cameras.

Video that leaves distractions behind

Camo 2 comes packed with powerful background enhancement features. Portrait mode offers a sophisticated background bokeh effect that's head and shoulders above the rest, cleanly separating the subject from the background and then handing the user control over the depth of focus; and Spotlight can be enabled and fine-tuned for any scenario in which the available lighting is less than ideal - no more backlit or underlit scenes.

The advantages extend further. Using the virtual green screen of Replace, users can cleanly swap any image into the background, and with Privacy, they can cloak their backgrounds with a pleasing diffused image effect. These look far better than those available on video-conferencing platforms, with video that foregrounds clarity without sacrificing appearance.

Also new to Camo Studio 2 are:

  • Integrated, dynamic face tracking with Auto framing
  • Included preset pack of 18 filters curated by an industry-leading post-production master, with import support for Cube, 3DL and LUT formats
  • Native hardware acceleration for AMD, Apple Silicon, Intel and NVIDIA
  • Redesigned, stunning Fluent Windows user interface, with new Overlay editor

These new features are available today in Camo 2 for macOS and Windows. Camo is available at, and the companion phone app can be found on the App Store and the Play Store.