Guiyang, CN, 29 Aug. 2023, 07:35 CEST
Gui'an New Area Embraces New Era of Intelligence with Big Data in Manufacturing

Gui'an New Area embraces digitalization, with a focus on big data, to drive intelligent manufacturing and foster innovation for a promising future.

A technician from Guizhou Anxin Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd. skillfully operates a device. img#1
A technician from Guizhou Anxin Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd. skillfully operates a device.

Gui'an New Area Embraces New Era of Intelligence with Big Data in Manufacturing

In a striking recent development, Guizhou Aerospace Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (GAET) has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the coveted "Grade AAA Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System Certificate." This esteemed recognition, bestowed after rigorous evaluation by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Expert Review Committee for the Integration of Informationization and Industrialization, speaks volumes about GAET's exceptional strides in digital transformation and the seamless fusion of informationization and industrialization.

Delving into their production landscape, the orchestration is truly fascinating. Robots, guided by the AGV system, seamlessly respond to orders for components. They deftly retrieve these components from the intelligent rack and transport them to the intelligent SMT line, showcasing a choreography of automation. Over at GAET's electric fitting workshop, the fully automated SMT line captivates attention with its efficient and orderly operation. The introduction of the MES production and manufacturing platform heralds a new era. This platform enables the automated placement of bulk materials, a process under the watchful eye of computer testing, thus ushering in intelligent production of varied types, ranging from small batches to bulk quantities.

Liu Yao, Deputy Director of GAET's Electric Fitting Workshop, underlines the transformative impact. "Quality control now pulses through every equipment via online testing during production, diverging from our earlier practice of focusing solely on final product tests," shares Liu. Adding a layer of intrigue, each printed board on the SMT line boasts a QR code that encapsulates production process parameters, effectively enabling electronic tracking of the entire journey. Simultaneously, the shift from manual paper-based data collection to automatic system-based gathering has not only streamlined the process but also enhanced precision, thereby materializing refined quality management and control.

In the era of pervasive digitization, Gui'an New Area stands as a beacon. With its spotlight on big data, the area fervently propels intelligent manufacturing to the forefront. The seeds of innovation germinate in the fertile soil of big data, illuminating Gui'an's intelligent manufacturing trajectory with promises of a boundless future.

According to the Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Big Data Development and Management, the city achieved a noteworthy integration level of informationization and industrialization, surpassing the provincial average by 9.8 percentage points in 2022, registering an impressive score of 62.5. The digitalization rate of production equipment, the digital control rate of key processes, the adoption rate of digital R&D and design tools, and the network connectivity rate of digital production equipment stood at 48.7%, 53.8%, 78.6%, and 44% respectively, all eclipsing Guizhou province's benchmarks.

At the core of digital transformation lies intelligent manufacturing, a primary objective and a pivotal gauge for implementing the digital economy strategy in the manufacturing sector. Employing digital and AI technologies, businesses fine-tune processes, amplify production efficiency, and fortify product quality's stability and reliability.

In the bustling production workshop of Guizhou Anxin Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd., ensconced in Gui'an New Area Longshan Industrial Park, over 30 production equipment sets come alive through the orchestration of a computer. Real-time displays present a panorama of data, encompassing worker details, equipment status, process dynamics, and product specifics. Raw material inventory, real-time employee production statistics, live updates of completed orders, and ongoing tasks are all at the fingertips of the workforce. This digital infusion permeates all corners of production.

Jiang Daoshun, General Manager of the company, unveils the central role of this digital dashboard. It serves as the "central nervous system" of the workshop, enabling the team to decipher production velocity, track energy consumption, and undertake substantial data analysis. "Transparency seeps into salary information as daily incomes become visible to employees. Clients gain insight into order schedules, nurturing precise control over product quality. This transparent approach serves as a powerful motivator," explains Jiang.

Gui'an New Area doesn't merely house a thriving business; it's a catalyst for societal advancement. Fueled by corporate rejuvenation and seamless integration, Gui'an New Area champions the profound intertwining of big data with the tangible economy. The metamorphosis into a digital, networked, and intelligent realm is steadfastly realized. As the curtain rises on the future, Gui'an's journey continues, fostering the big data industry, unlocking innovation across sectors, and etching significant contributions into China's digital transformation narrative.